AuctionHouse v2 Update

Notice: Auctionhouse V2 On the Way!

The Ergo Auction House V2 may be launching in the next week or two. (Depends on development and testing)

It should have some unique features that I hope it will assist in both attracting more artists and building a larger NFT community.

Since V2 is on the way and is a fork of the initial AuctionHouse “Classic” some artists may want to delay posting new auctions until the newer UI is live. I do not have an exact date at the moment, but I wanted to post this to give everyone a heads up.

Building Community

Unfortunately, we have been getting some users who have posted fake/ripped-off NFT’s that they did not create. Hopefully, AH V2 changes the incentive behind this.

As a neutral open platform, the best I can do is encourage artists to educate/promote their work in a common forum to users and encourage the community to research and inform each other as to this scammy behavior.

One thing Artists can do is Join Ergo NFT discord

It may be a good idea to be active in the Reddit

I am also hoping to see some community-based videos and content assisting new users to understand and use these new tools.

AuctionHouse V2 New Incentives

The AH V2 will allow artists to set royalties percentages in their NFT’s.

Another unique aspect is the ability to bid on Auctions using custom tokens.

Ergnomes initially played with this using a token called “gnomecoins”. These custom tokens were dropped to the bidder’s addresses once the bid passed a certain amount.

In theory, following this model artists could build a reputation based on their art, then do a special auction where bids are only in their custom token. In theory that adds an incentive for people to bid on regular auctions as they could earn these coins for special drops.

There will be a lot to play with as AH V2 is released. I hope the community can come up with some new ideas, incentives and we see growth and further adoption.



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