EIP-37 Update

2 min readSep 24, 2022

Due to community demand we have been grinding away for the last week to create a proposal complete with simulations/data.

That has lead to EIP 37.


🔸Epoch length to be set to 128 blocks

🔸Calculate *predictive* difficulty according to 8 epochs, 128 blocks each and *classic* difficulty as done in Bitcoin (averaged)

🔸Limit change so that difficulty never be changed by more than 50% per epoch


128 Blocks x 2 min block time = 256min (4.26hrs)

8 Epoch predictive difficulty

8 x 128 blocks x 2 min block time = 2048min (34.13hrs)

Governance is not impacted by EIP37

Voting will remain 1024 blocks with a 921 (90%) supermajority required.

What is next?

At the beginning of the next epoch a version with voting will be released with miners to support.

The Ergo Foundation will remain neutral.

Developers can provide options then it is upon miners to vote. Miners do control this network. That was been the point and purpose of Ergo since day 1.

Post ETH it is our opinion that the only way to prevent a repeat of the same scenario of top down control is to actively encourage miners to be more active.

This is your network. Take stake in it, take control, build value.

A decentralized network must be driven by a community. If there is just a central project, actor, or group guiding everything that is a problem.

Please interact on the forums, participate with EIPS.

Decentralization is ultimately the collective localization of power. That in the end always comes with responsibility.