EIP 37 Update

2 min readSep 26, 2022

EIP 37 is in the development/review process.

The core team has to follow best practices in terms of analysis, testing, security and review.

In a decentralized ecosystem a single solution from a single source is never the ideal situation. We invite working groups within the community to propose and build parallel solutions to EIP 37.

While the quickest solution in crisis to centralized control. We will remain true to our core ethos. Ergo will remain driven by miner governance. When the EIP implementation process is complete a reference client that allows voting will be released.

One question we need to open a dialog for moving forward is the tradeoffs between a surgical hard fork (EIP 37 specific), or take the opportunity to expand additional functionality into the blockchain (essentially build a HF package/ multiple upgrades).

Obstacles in life often are often opportunities for growth.

Our hope is that the Merge and the current state drives greater levels of involvement and innovation.

It is nice to see new frontiers being explored in terms of building smart pools to create new incentivizes for miners.


There has been a lot of discussion regarding miners loyalty to Ergo when the protocol itself is penalizing loyalty that in certain situations. In my personal opinion that criticism is fair, looking at the current situation however it needs to be pointed out that miners control the protocol. We encourage engagement in the governance and development process. Take control.

A decentralized community requires engagement, proposals, debate and consensus. This process is not always the most responsive however it is a core requirement for an actual decentralized network.

The primary goal of the Ergo Foundation is to ultimately decentralize itself. Long term we would like to see a marketplace of multiple organizations, proposals and competing ideas.

Miner driven governance requires proof of work beyond mining. Those of you that continue to support the goals we have as a network. Thank you for your support.