ErgoFund Code Released for Review & Feedback

Kushti released the initial ErgoFund on chain and off chain contracts today. This is something that he has been working on for a few months.

I know it’s been a busy week with the ErgoDex, but this is something that deserves some coverage as it is a critical long term tool that has the capacity to slowly start shifting the funding and development toward the goal of a truly community driven network.

Crowdfunding development for common infrastructure and tooling on the Ergo network is a way for users, developers, and miners to work together to fund and advance the network far into the future.

ErgoFund structures and contracts:…

Offchain code:…

# ErgoFund Contracts

* Author: kushti

* Status: Proposed

* Created: 11-June-2021

## Motivation

Collecting funds in different contexts is very much needed for building common infrastructure and applications in the Ergo ecosystem. This EIP (Ergo Improvement Proposal) is proposing contracts and standardized box formats for announcing crowdfunding campaigns and collecting funds

## Overall Design

The design of the crowdfunding contracts and box templates below is centered around

efficiency of blockchain scanning by an off chain application (backend of ErgoFund service built on top of the Scanner).

## TO-DO

* Contracts to collect funds in SigUSD and other tokens.

* Contracts for campaigns with thousands of pledges.