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General Overview: POW Mining

General Overview: Security/Programmability

General Overview: The Power of Open Source

Overview of General Questions

1. Armeanio and Dan talked about an Ergo Fund and putting together a Plutus-style program for ErgoScript. Where does the money come from for that?

2. To what extent can there be competing for dApps? For example, it is hard to imagine more than one Dex on Ergo, but maybe? What potential synergies are there?

3. Free software is great, but it does tend to undercut incentives. But, I also notice that Ergo isn’t super fast about posting new code. Is that what is going on with that, preserving incentives?

4. Who is using Ergo? What are the top countries using the chain? How does the user profile differ from other chains?

5. Where does Ergo excel? What disadvantages relative to other chains?

6. I would be interested in some real critique rather than nonsense FUD about PoW not being environmentally friendly.

7. Sufficient provision of production inputs -Human capital How much effort is the chain making to onboard talents & produce its future army of developers?

8. How easy is it for non-web3 developers to convert? (e.g. C++ & Java peeps can learn Rust, used by Solana, in a month. For Avalanche you can code in multiple languages. Few likes Solidity.)

8. Financial capital How much financial ammunition does the chain have in the pipeline?

9. Infrastructure: How much infrastructure does the chain have or is planned at least? Peer competition within industries?

10. Are there signs of strong rivalry in the same niches emerging within the L1?

11. Does the dev culture of the chain strike the right balance btw encouraging peer knowledge sharing & respecting proprietary IP?

12. Clusters of supporting sectors Are there signs of synergetic niches / industries emerging within the L1 ecosystem?

13. Quality of domestic demand How does the user profile of this L1 compare to other chains?

14. Where in the world is the chain getting the most adoption?

15. Role of the blockchain itself? What’s the chain doing to promote rivalry among its native projects & stimulate innovation?

16. What’s the chain doing to improve infrastructure & human capital supply?

17. Is the chain “subsidizing” certain projects to help them gain ST advantage, which may inadvertently undermine innovation & competition in LT?



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