What’s Going On Behind The Screens: Ergo Weekly Dev Update April 11th

Alex Chepurnoy was recently appointed Secretary of Tech for the Ergo Foundation. A part of his role is going to be providing weekly updates on Ergo Ecosystem Developments.

ErgoSwap Dex

Developers this week are focused primarily on delivering the Decentralized Exchange ErgoSwap later this year. Many of the multi-stage contracts for ErgoSwap are ready, as always they are open and viewable EIP-14.

Ergo Gravity Partnership

Ledger Support

The Ergo Foundation has contracted a small company to build ledger support. The contract has been agreed upon by both parties. We hope Ledger integration should be completed in 3 months. Watch for updates.

Ergo Next Update

In the next update expect information on the development of Wallets, The Yoroi Wallet DApp Bridge, Ergo Node Development, and Ongoing Research.

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