What’s Going On Behind The Screens: Ergo Weekly Dev Update April 21st

I might miss a few updates, if that’s the case don’t think it’s not appreciated by the community. Busy week for Erg devs, as always, thanks for putting in work.

It looks like LADOPIXΣL and Glasgow will be putting in work on the ErgoFund development. As all of you in the social channels, telegram and reddit know Glasgow is a busy busy guy.

Ilya and Glasgow have been putting in a deal of work polishing the Cardano Fund 5 proposal. I hope everyone reading this that has a foothold in the Cardano network throws their support behind this. Sample can be found here.

Illya is also integrating ergo-dex-sdk-js with yoroi-dapp-connector.

Morphic released an update Appkit v4.0.3

The Appkit is a Java/Scala library which is cross compiled by both Scala 2.11 and Scala 2.12 compilers. As a result it can run on JVMv7 (when it is built with Scala 2.11) and JVMv8 and above (when it is built with Scala 2.12). In addition Appkit jar built with Scala 2.11 can be used as a library in Android application.

The ergo node successfully synced with Sigma v5.0. He is seeing more encouraging performance improvements vs. v4.x. More info on that will be released after testing.

Anon2020s released his plans for the mixer development. Here is the rough roadmap.

(ordered by priority):

1- tokenization

2- refactor (database,…)

3- refactor (HD-wallet not random keys)

4- auto-minting covert address (a covert that withdraws automatically for usd; will be good for stores)

5- dashboard (wallet style, including all mixed funds, enabling users to withdraw any amount regardless of mix,…)

6- stealth addresses

7- more test units

8- docs and tutorials

The Ergomixer being tokenized is something I personally am excited about. At this stage of development Anon2020s is eager to hear from the community and devs regarding potential ideas to maximize the use and efficiency.

I know with the recent video contest any community support on roadmap point 8 could help drive adoption through education. I hope to see some community driven videos on both hosting and user experience regarding mixing. It tends to be something that new users are a little intimidated by. Help with adoption and potentially win some Erg’s, not a bad option.

Kusti made a simpest ErgoFund contract and playground for it. Finished PR with simple parsers for network messages and block headers. PR with optimized reading of wallet transactions have been polished and merged. 4.0.10 is almost finalized, #1264 will be the last PR for 4.0.10

For those of you that are reading this thinking what the heck is a PR, it stands for pull request.

Pull requests let you tell others about changes you’ve pushed to a branch in a repository on GitHub. Once a pull request is opened, you can discuss and review the potential changes with collaborators and add follow-up commits before your changes are merged into the base branch.

After PR #1264 for 4.0.10 Kushti will be jumping on continuing P2P layer optimizations.

Pragmaxim improved Ergominers stop using secret key for external mining, only pubkey PR1335, and avoiding passing futures as actor messages PR1336 and Ergominer

Anon_real updated SigmaUSD proxy contracts and the assembler service to prevent a potential attack on proxy contracts. Also, he has been playing with the dapp connector. As the dapp connector keeps adding functionalities Anon_real will keep playing around. Hopefully we see some more functionalities pushed to keep him busy.

mhs_sam developed the bot (currently known to the community as bullwhale/good whale and used the bot, in order to limit the abilities of bearwhale to keep the reserve ratio at 400%. A few txs of bearwhale failed anyway, also some room left for RSV holders to redeem RSV. In simple the bullwhale bot is using the same tactic that the bearwhale has been using to create failed transactions.

On the gravity side of his work the progress is very good now. A testnet deployment for gravity and ergo, and the codes will be tested soon. The Nebula contract is updated and will be pushed to repo in a day or two.

The new Nebula contract fully handles the events (pulses) in the eUTXO model. The hardest part of gravity integration is addressed now. Integration with Gravity is almost done. The adaptor is progressing and will be finished soon, the GRAVITY-ERGO-PROXY which contains the off chain logic is progressing as well.

Not only are we seeing the bullwhale bot, great gravity dev work, documentation and a wiki will be posted this week or so.

I am pretty sure that tales of sam and his bullwhale bot should go down as a legend in Ergo Folklore. Big thanks from all the RSV holders for the opening and protecting an exit.