The Ergo weekly Dev update is not the sexiest crypto blog. Although all things being equal its a solid choice.

Focusing on the moon is great, but the truth is a rocket takes an incredible amount of engineering.

Designing and building systems that are subject to immense pressure is not an easy task.

It is always the brains in the background that actually get things done. This what the Ergo team is about, building solid tech.

Open source software developers are unappreciated heros who endure an underappreciated grind.

New Community Dev! Awesome. Happy to have you building on Ergo. It looks like rbrt is playing with a new blockchain explorer and it is looking pretty fancy. I know one thing many community members have requested is an expanded or searchable rich-list. Who knows maybe he will read this and Christmas will come early.

Either way, welcome to the community, we are happy to have you.


I’m new to the community — hey all I’ve started working on a new blockchain explorer for Ergo last night. Hoping to have something a bit more comprehensive to show during the next update!

Yehor is making progress with Ergo X Ledger. It looks like we will have an alpha version soon. Alpha version means manage risks. I know there are some of you who are excited, don’t ape into an alpha version. This is a part of the testing process. Recommended for use by community wallet developers only!


Updates from the Tesseract team:

- Implemented Sign method. It works for P2PK inputs! Calculates fees and amounts (doesn’t show everything though, needs better UI).

- Right now I’m updating protocol docs to reflect changes (some changes were added on the development stage). Should be finished today.

- Next is publishing the current code. Can be used for testing purposes by Wallet developers. Can have bugs.

Released source code:

For now, API documentation is stored in Google Docs:

Anon_BR is looking for a review/audit of his paper wallet repo. We currently have alpha testing with the paper wallet as well.


Ergo’s Paper Wallet code already pushed at Github. Would be great if some @Ecosystem Core can audit it and became an reviewer on the repo, if anyone has time.

Currently on alpha testing phase on #paper-wallet-alpha

Quokka has submitted his UI update to the Ergo NFT Community for testing. He is also running a meme contest on twitter so those of you with this particular set of skills might want to put something together. I hear there is 10ERG for the winner.


Submitted new Ergo Auction House UI which is currently being voted on by the Ergo NFT community.

W∑S is teasing us with his new hobby NFT project. Check it out below. We also got some documentation on ErgoAddress creation. Love to community driven documentation. Documentation is something that is really needed, especially as we see more community developers contributing.


- Went on a deep dive of the ergo repo last week and want to put together a write up on ErgoAddress creation for new devs.

- got a new hobby NFT project going!

Our community Wallet Dev MrStahlfelge is continuing to update the Android Wallet. It looks like we will have a new version rolling out in the next week or so.


• Made some work on EIP19 as well and tested the implementation

• Android wallet: Send funds by tapping on an Ergo Explorer payment request link

• Version 1.2.2113 released to beta channel with feature mentioned above and a fix for sending tokens. This version can roll out to stable channel next week.

MHS and the team are still testing Raffle. It looks like the final test will finish tomorrow and we may see Raffle on Mainnet by the end of this week. If there are any issues that need to be addressed they will be before mainnet launch. So those of you asking Wen Raffle? Get the wonderful answer, soon. Welcome to software development.

You have to take a step back and appreciate the time and effort that goes into testing and a stable release.


Last week we tried to test the raffle on testnet, but lots of issues with the mining of txs in testnet. So, the test on testnet was not successful due to the infrastructure. We started to test on a our local mainnet then, the tests are almost finished and all of the found bugs and issues are address now. The final test is running right now using a few bots and will be finished tomo. I hope we can release the raffle on MAINNET by end of this week. Till now the final test are running smoothly and without any issue.

Anon_Real released the new Auction Contract. Honestly this could be a gamechanger for NFT’s on the Ergo Auction House.


On my side:

- Released the new auction contract:

The new contract supports custom tokens (e.g., SigUSD) as currency and royalties. One thing to note here is that royalties are of course handled on the auction level and NFTs themselves can not be bound to any contract- meaning that if the owner wants to send it to someone without going through the auction house, then the artist gets nothing.

- @morphic addressed comment:

- Some bug fixes, PR reviews for AH and SigmaUSD- now has FAQ and refund pages.

  • Working on integrating the new auction house contract in the code. Adding the contract while keep supporting the current ones is a lot of work relatively. So I am thinking about supporting only the new contract in the new version — meaning that placing bids for current active auctions won’t be possible in that interface.

Kushti is reviewing PR’s and is working on improving some of the features that make Ergo a unique eUTxO blockchain.


* Reviewing PRs for the sigma and the node, current 4.0.14 candidate:

* PR for improved syncing (using last headers, not header ids just): . it is conceptually ready I guess, working on tests, comments and spec

* starting to work on contract and txs examples using boxes, headers, AVL trees, so unique features of Ergo (along w. data inputs), I guess it will open a lot of possibilities towards new kinds of contracts

* got a DB corresponding to this issue likely , going to investigate how to avoid failures after node restart, at least

Morphic continues the march towards node v5.0 as well as improving the Appkit, Sigma, and the Ergo Core.



- Cold Wallet support has been merged ( )


- Work towards v5.0, comments addressed ( )


- conflicts resolved in PR and it is ready for merging into v4.0.14 ( )


- new EIP-0019: Cold Wallet is ready for review ( )

- reviewed PR in different repos

Next up:

- work on next incremental PR towards v5.0

Scalahub is working on an update on the Oracle Pools. V2.0 should be released soon. He is also working with the ErgoDex team to fine tune the contracts.


- Oracle pool 2.0 contracts. PR on the way

- ErgoDex N2T contracts fine-tuning with @Ilya

- Layer 2 scaling solutions via unidirectional payment channels (please provide feedback )

Illya is working on the Native AMM DEX. I know some of you may have saw the tweet from the ErgoDex team this week.
Exciting times.


I’ve been mostly working on the Native AMM DEX. Contracts (thanks to @scalahub), off-chain part and JS SDK are ready.

UI devs are adding “Create Liquidity” feature.

DeadIT is working on refining the ErgoDex UI as well as He will be adding a recruitment page to advertise job openings.



- we hired new designer few weeks ago to the dex.

- create pool is coming to the ui.

- I fixed few bugs which crashed the ui.

- ux for amm is done by 90%. Design is also started. We separated ux/ui.


- foundation/hall of fame page is updated. Armeanio added.

- recruitment page is coming.

I was added to the Ergo Foundation this month. I will keep trying to assist the ecosystem in a way that grows both long term value and community. Since I was added as Business Developer my goal has been to work for the community and provide as much transparency as I can. I am honored to be a part of the EF and will work to grow our ecosystem.