What’s Going on Behind the Screens: Ergo Weekly Dev Update July 7th

The Ergo weekly Dev update is not the sexiest crypto blog. Although all things being equal its a solid choice.

Focusing on the moon is great, but the truth is a rocket takes an incredible amount of engineering.

Designing and building systems that are subject to immense pressure is not an easy task.

It is always the brains in the background that actually get things done. This what the Ergo team is about, building solid tech.

Open source software developers are unappreciated heros.

It was a full weekly developer update, which is great to see. A few community developers dropping updates that I have not seen before. Welcome to the Ergo family!

Kushti is on vacation this week and so far, the house hasn’t burned down. He jumped on discord for a minute to see how things are going.

First area to cover in this week’s developer update is regarding NFT’s. The Ergo Auction House is still in its infancy, it is really great to see different community driven projects and improvements.

LADOPIXΣL’s contribution to the NFT experience on Ergo is quite invaluable. He is building out web support structure that I hope sees a lot of use and Ergo’s NFT ecosystem grows.


- Direct loading of an #NFT from the URL using its ID

:point_right: ergonfts.org/#/?token=IDyouToken

- Loading #NFTs in modal within the website.

- Share button on Twitter.

- Added block height when NFT was created.


Ergotokens.org’s updates are still not uploaded, I hope I can do it next week, right now I’m traveling.

Speaking of NFT’s, a special thanks to the Ergnome Team for the Ergoversary Gnomes. Here is their update.


On the Ergnomes team: We’re about to start minting the first series and we’re still not certain about where to put the NFT metadata. Right now I’m encoding a JSON string into R5 but I’m a little concerned about moving forward without an agreed upon standard. Don’t want to set a bad example. Can anyone weigh in here?


Also gotten an payment / sales processor fully functioning for ergo NFT’s, and made it simple to use /run. Going to open source for whoever wants to use after launch

It looks like we have community dev’s working on a Python Explorer API and a rust port of the AVL tree, and a community request to upgrade compatibility with Scala 3.


Didn’t have much time to work on the Python Explorer API, but still trying.


Rust port of AVL tree is passing all AVLBatchSpecification tests now


Was on vacation but previously working on learning Scala and being able to use AppKit with Scala 3. 10 days ago I submitted a PR to upgrade one of sigmastate-interpreter’s dependencies to be compatible with Scala 2.13, but it’s unaddressed still: https://github.com/non/debox/pull/34

Maybe we could fork debox in the ergoplatform or ScorexFoundation GitHub group?

Pragmaxim is working on a mining issue. The fix could impact miners, please tune into the Autolykos channel for more details.


I’m working on this https://github.com/ergoplatform/ergo/issues/1363 I went for refactoring of the whole thing @kushti with a dedicated actor for the actual candidateGeneration logic so it can be properly tested … it could impact miners so I tried to open a discussion in the autolykos channel

Anon_Real reported progress on ErgoTeam. I can’t wait to see the Beta version.


On my side, we’ve made some progress for the UI: https://github.com/anon-real/ErgoTeam/tree/development

I am adding the necessary parts for team creation since reportedly the UI for that is finished. Then we’ll add proposal-related pages. Hopefully, soon we’ll have the beta version to play with and get feedback.

Mhs_Sam and crew are still testing gravity. They are also working with onboarding new mining pools. Those of you that missed the mining pool update this week, Ergo added Leaf Pool. Mhs_Sam and crew do all the real work helping new pools integrate ERGO.

Team Raffle is in the final testing phase and deployment is imminent. They are also working with Anon2020s on the staking contract for the ErgoMixer. See Anon2020s update on the mixer below.


- gravity: we’re still testing. nothing to share yet. progress is good.

- Stratum: there is an issue with NBminer which can be fixed in the miner; we are going to update the Stratum server to handle this issue however.

- pools: support for new pools ongoing

- Staking contract: We are actively working with @anon2020s on staking contract; the result can be used by any dapp. there are still some issues which will be fixed soon. later, I’ll publish the staking contract for public review.

- Raffle: final tests and deployment are being done. There are lots of interest from community to use the Raffle.

The staking contract will be used by Raffle, if the contract is done in time.


after one month, I am back to business. I’ve started the refactoring of mixer, the first and most critical task for further improvement of mixer.

and yes, the staking contract is progressing thanks to @mhs_sam and his team.

It looks like Anon_Real hopped on the Developer update and offered to review the staking contract. I know there are many community members that are excited about the possibility of staking their ERG. I am reminded of the V1 SigUSD launch. I think the expectations of user participation here might greatly exceed expectations.


I’d be happy to help with the staking contract if you guys publish it on the forum let’s say. I’d be happy to audit and share ideas.

Smartpools was an interesting concept that was brought to us from the first Ergo Hackathon, it was recommended that further research occur, and it looks like this is happening.

Some may find the concept controversial, which is understandable, nonetheless research is the backbone of Ergo. We need to stay true to our roots and explore new concepts. Even if the final result is knowledge, that is something that we can carry forward.


I’ve been continuing research for smartpools by delving more deeply into the Cardano Conclave paper, and reviewing the Non-Outsourcability paper. Planning to explore some of the Conclave sources in the near future.

Looking more deeply into the functioning of Ergo Oracles, I am realizing that a sidechain can handle of the authentication that I initially realized. As one of the Core devs mentioned during the Hackathon, a P2Pool like implementation may be the simplest solution.

I got an offer from a fellow community member to fund my research part time !!! I am looking into self incorporation laws in my province, as well as trying to find an economical offramp from ERG to CAD so I can accept legally. OpenCollective may be the best way for me to reduce overhead as a Canadian with our laws surrounding assets/crypto, however I am not opposed to eating the tax responsibility and fees and converting from SigmaUSD>ERG>BTC>CAD.

I am shopping for a domain registrar and host to get a website operational to host the project. I’ll probably use digital ocean for hosting for simplicity. Hoping to get a matrix channel setup for Ergo also.

Yehor from the Tesseract team is dropping an update this week. Happy to see his update here. I had the pleasure of talking with them when they hit their first project milestone.


News from the Tesseract team:

We’ve started the first actual coding milestone. Established project structure. Ledger communication is the current focus. The next step is an implementation of the protocol developed in the previous milestone.

ErgoDex will launch first on Ergo. It looks like we are getting closer to the initial launch. I know many users are anxious to see the launch. The Ergodex is quite a massive undertaking. They launched a new website this week, those of you reading this that missed that, check out the link below.



- DEX Bots deployment

- DEX JS SDK development — pool validation, pool math tests, a lot of utility methods required for the UI

- AMM flow testing

- A few more methods added to the Explorer APIv1


I’ve been working on ErgoDex native to token contracts. Should be making a PR by tomorrow


Heh, team.

Still working on ergodex ui, test interface

Bauhaus911 released the iOS ERGO Lite client on github. This last week we had a lot of community testing of the Android wallet Mr. StahlFledge is creating.

We might need a fresh batch of Apple Guinea Pigs. I’ll reach out later this week and see if he is interested.

Bauhaus911 — Today at 9:22 AM

I open sourced the SwiftUI (XCode 12.5.1) iOS ERGO Lite client app on github.

The Core Developers are still improving the base layer of Ergo. Greenhat is continually improving Sigma-Rust. Morphic is on the journey to node v5.0, he is also doing some auditing of the community Android Wallet that the last batch of community members downloaded and tested.


I’ve being setting up my new linux rig, so not much progress on my side. I continued working on banning panics PR #328 and I made the next bunch of good-first bounty issues with detailed instructions.


- Moved all small changes from v5.0 branch to this PR


It is waiting for review.

- Almost finished audit for ergo-wallet-android. Basically looking through all

the code and check how sensitive data is stored and passed around.

Hope to finish until weekend.

Next up:

- Create next incremental PR towards v5.0 with the new ErgoTree interpreter