What’s Going on Behind the Screens: Ergo Weekly Dev Update June 23rd

The Ergo weekly Dev update is not the sexiest crypto blog. Although all things being equal its a solid choice.

Focusing on the moon is great, but the truth is a rocket takes an incredible amount of engineering.

Designing and building systems that are subject to immense pressure is not an easy task.

It is always the brains in the background that actually get things done. This what the Ergo team is about, building solid tech.

Ergo Devs, you are awesome. Keep up the good work!

There are three questions that have been coming from the community lately.

Let me address these then we will get to the development update.

When ErgoDex?

The Ergodex is done regarding the backend, there has been a tremendous amount of testing and review of the contracts involved. My stance regarding testing is never push a product before it is ready.

Now the focus at hand is the Ergodex User Interface. Kushti has a saying that I really like, UI is king. If optimizing the user experience causes a little delay, the end result is worth it to me.

Now one thing to commend IIya and company for is their work on the Yorio dApp Connector. They have been working with Emurgo to push the pace as it is a critical part of the user experience for the coming Dex. Those of you that have had failed transactions via the SigUSD assembler will appreciate this as it gains full functionality.

Worth a delay. We did see a roadmap put together today. Take a look.

When Exchanges?

Things are bottlenecked at exchanges, they are progressing. I will push news as soon as I am NDA free. We have been delayed a few times due to things that are beyond our influence. Patience everyone. Sorry for the delays, this is out of my hand.

I pulled the pin on this grenade a little early. That is my bad. Blowback is a bit deserved. Thanks for being understanding here.

When Hackathon Results?

Work in Progress.

I do know all the submissions have been collected from the judges.

I reviewed the projects and honestly have to commend the participants for their work.

Now to the Weekly Update…

We have had a lot of devs focused on the DEX. There has been a lot going on behind the screens. We are seeing progress both on the Ergo and Cardano side of things. Fund 5 is on the way in Catalyst, those of you that are involved in both chains, we could use your support.


On my side:

Working on dex sdk (Haskell)


My updates:

- Mostly been busy with reviewing and testing ErgoDex contracts


1. Completed DEX backend for AMM

2. Working on AMM protocol improvements with @scalahub

3. Guiding Haskell Devs on backend development for Cardano

4. Implementing pool validation in JS SDK for Ergo

5. Doing a research on Cardano with @bromel


My updates:

- reviewing sigmausd prs

- reviewing explorer updates (updated menu, added collapsible text on token issue page to description by @imaamatory)

- mostly working on ergodex ui

-Updated the website fonts for new localizations, added link to history data at the footer made by @bdkent

Bauhaus911 is working on an iPhone IOS Lite Client. It seems we could use some guinea pigs.

Those of you that are feeling brave and furry may be able to reach out to Bauhaus911 on Ergo Discord.

Those of you who are interested in some testing I will load the tipbot and give you small incentives to play with.


iPhone IOS Ergo Lite Client — For any contact you have in your address book, by adding a custom field of ‘ergo’ and providing a P2PK address, the Ergo iPhone app can now provide a pick-list of contacts from your address book filtered on this custom field ‘ergo’ to allow one to create a payment to someone based on data from their contact info. No more cutting and pasting of P2PK addresses from/to outside of the app. Start payment -> Show picklist of contacts from Apple address book -> select payee -> done.

So now there are four ways to enter in a P2PK payee address: Cut and paste, QR Code scanning, select from list of YOUR active addresses (designed for transfer of funds between accounts you control), and select from list of contacts that have the special ‘ergo’ field attached.

SigmaUSD in Dutch! That is pretty awesome.

If I ever find myself in that part of the world, remind me to extend an invitation to Playtpus for some poffertjes.


I’ve made dutch translation for SigmaUSD.


Its the first pull request i’ve made, please let me know if i need to alter anything.

Kushti is a busy guy. ErgoFund has been his main focus lately. That is taking a bit of time but the end result will be worth it. More to come on this once it is complete.


On my side:

* EIP for ErgoFund contracts https://github.com/ergoplatform/eips/pull/33 — still WIP

* ErgoFund offchain part prototype — still WIP, will show in few days.
* Investigation for https://github.com/ergoplatform/ergo/issues/1394 , made some new tests on the way, will do PR

* reviewing a lot these days )

* still playing with P2P layer and planning changes in a dedicated PR

* hackathon submission review
* rust implementation of AVL+ trees is coming https://github.com/knizhnik/scorex_crypto_avltree/ ! thanks @knizhnik . Tests are not done yet, and implementation is raw still, but anyway

Morphic scored a hat trick this week, worked on Sigmastate, the Appkit, and acted as a Hackathon judge. It looks like the grind towards node v5.0 is back on the menu next week.



- Sigma v4.0.4 released with lots of optimizations new tests and incremental improvements towards v5.0 (https://github.com/ScorexFoundation/sigmastate-interpreter/releases/tag/v4.0.4)


- Update api client classes (Node and Explorer) PR finalized and merged (https://github.com/ergoplatform/ergo-appkit/pull/83)

- Implemented mnemonicToSeed based on bouncycastle (for Android 6+) (https://github.com/ergoplatform/ergo-appkit/pull/90)

- Appkit v4.0.6 release candidate is ready and waiting for Ergo v4.0.13 (https://github.com/ergoplatform/ergo-appkit/pull/91)

Ergo: (@kushti both PR are ready for review)

- New PR with fixes for Appkit (https://github.com/ergoplatform/ergo/pull/1393)

- Review comments for Metrics PR addressed (https://github.com/ergoplatform/ergo/pull/1330)

Next up:

- resume working towards v5.0

Greenhat continues improving Sigma-Rust.

It appears he is getting some help from a Dev I am not familiar with, thanks for the support @Apextheory



- MultiplyGroup op for GroupElement #316 by @Apextheory

- SubstConst node #318 by Shimuuar

- Diffie-Hellman tuples support in sigma protocol #315 by me

I’m working on replacing ErgoTree::set_constant API with immutable tree approach (with_constant) to avoid confusion when setting incorrect constants in contract templates.

@kushti https://github.com/ergoplatform/sigma-rust/pull/315 is ready for your review.

Mhs_Sam dropped some big news this week. Gravity progress reported! This is another situation where you test, test, test.

Awesome work mhs_sam and team!


Finally, the Gravity and Susy gateways are done.

We finished the Gravity core, Susy gateway, and extractors for Ergo.

Ergo-to-Ergo transfers are under test; the tests would take about 10–15 days.

Later, we will implement the ETH and Waves functions (in extractor) and will finalize the project. (This task takes 2–3 days)

Code_For_Uss, (I like this username) is coding for us. True to the name.

Appreciate the work on the scanner.


I worked on this PR https://github.com/ergoplatform/scanner/pull/3 and it was approved by Kushti.

The next task I want to work on is, storing input boxes and specifying spent boxes.

The Tesseract team is working to finish refining Ergo Ledger Protocol v3.