What’s Going on Behind the Screens: Ergo Weekly Dev Update June 2nd

The Ergo weekly Dev update is not the sexiest crypto blog. Although all things being equal its a solid choice.

Focusing on the moon is great, but the truth is a rocket takes an incredible amount of engineering.

Designing and building systems that are subject to immense pressure is not an easy task.

It is always the brains in the background that actually get things done. This what the Ergo team is about, building solid tech.

Ergo Devs, you are awesome. Keep up the good work.

There won’t be a one-time launch of ErgoDEX. ErgoDEX is a defi ecosystem, it will be launched incrementally piece by piece. Contracts also can be updated from time to time (like in Uniswap). The rollout starts in June.

Ilya is working on the Ergodex. The Beta test of the basic AMM dex without governance or swaps batching.

- Improving AMM protocol with @scalahub

- Working with @DeadIT on DEX UI and DEX SDK integration

- Improving Explorer https://github.com/ergoplatform/explorer-backend/releases/tag/8.0.0

Bromel has been putting in work on the Plutus/Haskell side of ErgoDex.

On my side:

1. Porting Amm contract to Plutus (in test)

2. Amm Transactions SDK (Haskell) (in progress)

3. Dex Tracker / Executor (Haskell) (in progress)

The big news with Kusthi this week is the release of Node 4.0.12! Improvements include parallel downloading from peers, nipopows prover and verifier implementations, improvements in p2p layer.

Once the Yorio dapp connector is implemented I think we are ready to get serious about dapps.

It seems perfect timing being that hackathon v1 is rolling out.

Kushti’s updates.

On my side:

* 4.0.12 is finalized, will be released in coming hours https://github.com/ergoplatform/ergo/pull/1362

* NiPoPoWs prover and verifier and API methods for proofs done in 4.0.12

* Support for multiple keys in UnsafeProver https://github.com/ergoplatform/ergo/pull/1378

* Interlink vector calc issue (to be solved in upcoming soft-fork): https://github.com/ergoplatform/ergo/issues/1380

* Checking how P2P network works

* A lot of support , answering questions on the forum, discord, TG etc

* Playground for Ergofund pledge contract with arbitrary project contract https://scastie.scala-lang.org/AGJb7OgdSEqt7rTjgCbUkA

* Super-simple blockchain scanner, with no forks processing, database, API, but it is scanning blocks already. Would be good to get help here


* Reviewing https://github.com/ergoplatform/ergo/pull/1364

* More optimizations in P2P on top of 4.0.12

Mhs_sam and crew have been finalizing gravity integration.
-We mostly worked on resolving issues with gravity integration and completing the LU/IB port contracts. Not much to share now.

Scalahub has been workingon the dex and working on compiling ErgoScript code to an Ergo addresses.

- Working on ergo-dex contracts with @Ilya

- Released ergoscript compiler first version on ergo github


Morphic is in the process of wrapping up node V5. v5.0 will be much more scalable because of the: 1) much faster scripts engine 2) more accurate cost prediction.

1) Finished performance analysis report of v5 vs v4. Added cost estimation

comparative analysis confirming by actual execution data that v5 is more efficient, more

accurately predicts node costs and also more scalable in terms of tx/second.

2) Important conclusion. Pool operators significantly increased maxBlockCost parameter and now

should switch from increasing maxBlockCost to tuning cost parameters to make cost

prediction more accurate. This need to be supported by additional performance metrics and

analysis (possible future work).

3) The report generated from Jupyter notebook. (https://github.com/ergoplatform/ergo/blob/d3d95e19b37c83b98de13bdf71d6d62b398e8f0d/metrics/Report.ipynb)

4) Did some PR reviews.

Next up:

- describe new JIT costing algorithm specification in EIP-8

- implement v5 activation

Greenhat has been staying busy with optimizations.


- VLQ i32 fix and extended test suite to be on par with Scala version;

- ErgoTree header v1 support (with tree size set);


- Add Block.votes JSON parsing for explorer format;

- DHT support in sigma protocol;

Anon_real has been working on the dApp connector. With the release of 4.0.12 this is more important than ever moving forward.

On my side:

- https://github.com/ergoplatform/eips/blob/master/eip-0017.md finalized.

- Worked on the integration of Yoroi dApp connector, encountered some problems again. Will jump on it again today.

- Ergo Auction House minor improvements.

- Working on the design of two other apps for the hackathon, we’ll see what happens.

Ergo Improvement Proposals. Contribute to development by creating an account on GitHub. https://github.com/ergoplatform/eips/blob/master/eip-0017.md

Also, thinking about how to provide tutorial and contents for the hackathon.

Glasgow has been busy with community organization, hackathon preparations as some troubleshooting.

- fixing sigmausd node issue

- new hackathon resource page: https://ergonaut.space/en/hackathon

Sakata is back in action just in time for the Hackathon. Beyond that he started designing the backend of a content-based site which is to be managed by a fellow community member also, currently researching local economies & community currency (LETS)

LADOPIXΣL has adding new functionality to the ergotokens.org and ergonfts.org website.

c8e4d2a has been improving PR for Ergo Auctions thumbnails

Pragmaxim has been working on ergo pull request 1364. https://github.com/ergoplatform/ergo/pull/1364

Oskin finished rebasing for these two pull requests, they are up for review https://github.com/ergoplatform/ergo/pull/1375 https://github.com/ergoplatform/ergo/pull/1372