What’s Going on Behind the Screens: Ergo Weekly Dev Update May 12th

The Ergo weekly Dev update is not the sexiest crypto blog. Focusing on the moon is great, but the truth is a rocket takes an incredible amount of engineering.

Designing and building systems that are subject to immense pressure is not an easy task.

It is always the brains in the background that actually get things done. This what the Ergo team is about, building solid tech.

Ergo Devs, you are awesome. Keep up the good work.

Scalahub has been putting in some R&D with the new Ergo.meta sidechain framework. Personally this is one thing I can’t wait to dive into.

In my opinion, Amitabh Saxena (scalahub) is Ergo’s secret weapon. Maybe he prefers it that way, low key, but when you look at his contributions in both research and development, he definitely deserves some serious recognition.

- JDE (bug fixes, documentation and sample scripts).. Released v1.0JDE url https://github.com/ergoplatform/ergo-jde

Kushti is always a busy guy. He teased everyone a little about new exchanges. As the business developer I am going to pretend I don’t know what he is talking about, but stay tuned for updates here, I think the community will be happy. He teased everyone with ergo.meta. Keep your eyes on the forum has he releases updates regarding Ergo.meta piece by piece.

* Finally, 4.0.10 released! https://github.com/ergoplatform/ergo/releases/tag/v4.0.10 huge thanks to @pragmaxim & new contributor @NoTelos

* managing devs, including new ones. It seems we have like 15–16 devs I am directly in touch (and there are teams around I am not in touch really)

* integration stuff. There are few new exchanges coming, existing exchanges now in mess due to peak traffic, shortage of devs etc. Somehow we need to sort this mess out, help from 1 or 2 devs would be much appreciated

* Writing some stuff on Ergo.Meta, a cookbook on offchain and sidechain protocols


* Starting to assemble 4.0.11 . I think it should include support for NiPoPoW basic prover/verifier functionality (https://github.com/ergoplatform/ergo/pull/990), and P2P improvements from @pragmaxim and me, also minor PRs by @oskin

* Helping with hackathon

* Starting to publish Ergo.Meta piece-by-piece on the forum

* Need to assign tasks to few devs

* Finishing ErgoFund contracts + workflow (registering new campaign missed, and then scanning)

mhs_sam is a champion as always. It looks like gravity is coming together as well as some work on SigmaUSD and Oracle Pools.

On gravity:

- gravity core is finished, will issue PR to gravity repo today

- Susy implementation is ongoing, susy has 3 components:

— IB/LU ports

— extractor

— susy Proxy (the offchain logic)

my estimation on susy is about 7–10 days. Gravity is done, but cannot be completely tested until susy is done. After finishing susy, the real tests will be done and possibly some modifications will be necessary.

On SigmaUSD:

the bot is upgraded to be able to mint USD

On oracle pools:

I’m working on oracle pool for any type of data (file, string, etc…) rather than numeric ones. The data point will be a hash. Almost finished and will be published in near future. This work is done by one of my MSc. students.

Anon2020s is still working on the mixer. It appears he is playing with further SigmaUSD support. Mixer tokenization and roadmap are in progress.

I’m going to add some SigUSD support to Mixer.

The idea is to have a new SigUSD tab, in which, one (or maybe 3) addresses is presented to user, for minting USD, minting RSV, redeeming to ERG. For example, if you send ERG to MINTUSD address, it will automatically and repeatedly mint all deposited ERG to the point that contract allows. The minted token will be deposited into a covert address directly.

DeadIT is working on ergodex. The site he launched as a teaser was a hit on social channels. Props from the community on that.

- launched default landing https://ergodex.io/

- launched telegram and Twitter by @yasha.black

- development interface for tests in progress

Anon_Real has been fixing some issues with SigmaUSD. Hopefully he is successful in finding way to mitigate the Bearwhale’s interference.

Greenhat is back from vacation we all hope he had a wonderful time.

-cleaned up and banned unwrap in the rest of the crates (besides compiler);

- made new type (vec with type guarantees for bounds) and used it in tuples;

- now working on reducing the amount of boilerplate code for IR nodes that should speed up the rest of IR nodes implementation;

@kushti https://github.com/ergoplatform/sigma-rust/pull/226 is waiting for review.

Morphic is continuing the process of upgrading the node. V5.0 is showing a lot of progress in optimization. Here is his update.

1) Tasks from v5.0 roadmap:

- Preparation refactoring towards v5.0 (part 1) merged

- check v5.0 JIT-based costing withstands the spam tests (done)

- new optimized SigSerializer with cost profiling (done)

2) Also reviewed PRs and answered questions in Discord

3) Next up on my side:

- finalize cost parameters based on profiling and Ergo node metrics analysis

- describe new JIT costing algorithm specification in EIP-8

On the NFT side of things, c8e4d2a is continuing the personal project.


Updates includes

- infinite scrolling (you can go from most recent to the very first minted picture)

- caching

- scaling images down on the server for the main thumbnail view (many original images are quite large)

LandoPixel has added a new section to his site.

https://ergonfts.org/ (NFTs timeLine) showing the last 300 tokens added (it would be necessary to paginate it).

This Time Line not only affects the tokens that are in an auction and have information in the additional R9 record, it also affects whether there is a url (with the most used extensions for images and audios) in the description when we are creating it in ergoUtils.

For now, the option to add and remove favorites works correctly for all NFTs that are listed with R9, those that are based on the url of the description not.

The next thing will be to add the possibility of making listings by themes based on a hashtag that is entered in the token description when we are creating it.

The display is slow at the moment because you have to look for a URL in the description of more than 200 tokens that someone created in a row with text without URL.

On a side note I did have one member of the community send me a private message saying that the Ergo Weekly Dev update was indeed the sexiest blog in all of crypto… thanks for the support.

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