What’s Going on Behind the Screens: Ergo Weekly Dev Update May 5th

Kushti has started writing about Ergo.Meta, a cookbook on interaction with off-chain and sidechain protocols.

He will publish in the form of forum posts soon, personally can’t wait to see what he has been cooking up here.

Kushti also brought up the possibility of implementing an external scanner, like what is used by popular exchanges

(Scanners call /wallet/getTransactions for one block just to read deposits into exchange wallet database)

So the scanner would do the following

1) check for forks (by storing block ids, maybe the last few K in its database)
2) register scans in a node connected, or maybe just read new blocks directly
3) extract boxes created and spend
4) provide an interface for an application to register rules for boxes to track, and read them. Also, support API options not supported by the node
5)can read mempool
6)providing notifications for apps

C8e4d2a is building NFT space/gallery. I am sure the NFT collectors and artists will be excited to hear of this development. So far it is looking good.

In DeX News, Illya has been preparing the Dex backend (aka DEX bots) to serve AMM operations. Many parts of AMM protocol are already tested in mainnet.

DeadIT and the Dex team are almost complete and are waiting for a potential grant from Cardano.

According to HamdERGler there will be at least 4, maybe 6 weeks before voting is happening on Catalyst. Be sure to listen to today’s town hall for the latest. This means your funds might come late june/july.

Anon2020s Has been working on the mixer roadmap and staking contract, in order to tokenize the mixer.

I asked Anon2020s to play with the new CryptoCurrencyCheckout gateways and the mixer, maybe the gateways with some stealth addresses as well.

MHS_Sam the Gravity Man reported progress with the gravity core and it’s ergo proxy is going well.

Only two methods remained in the adapter, to be finished this week So the gravity is almost done but not tested. He will deploy an Ergo-to-Ergo testnet to test the gravity core and ergo proxy Gravity is an oracle network. Susy is an application on gravity to transfer the tokens between networks. Susy implementation (including extractor and IP/LU port) is started.

Scalahub Released the first version oF JDE on ergo-platform github. https://github.com/ergoplatform/ergo-jde

Morphic is still working on the V5.0 update. His priority now is to describe the current implementation, so that you and others can use the description to review and approve v5.0 PR and audit the implementation itself.

1) Metrics collection sub-system for Ergo node is finished, see README (PR is ready for review https://github.com/ergoplatform/ergo/pull/1330). I used it for comparing v5.0 vs v4.0.9. As a result, another round of cost parameters setup is needed in v5.0 for more accurate cost estimation.

2) Moved some v5.0 parts into separate PR, for easier incremental review (@kushti, this is ready for review https://github.com/ScorexFoundation/sigmastate-interpreter/pull/720)

3) PR with SigSerializer optimizations is merged (https://github.com/ScorexFoundation/sigmastate-interpreter/pull/719)

4) Next up on my side: — check v5.0 JIT-based costing withstands the spam tests — describe new JIT costing algorithm specification in EIP-8

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