Developer Updates

Ergo auction house has come a long way. At the start, it only supported the node as a wallet and no artworks, only ordinary tokens. Along the way, many features and standards were introduced which resulted in some adoption. Auction house V1 experienced more than 17000 transactions (bids and auctions) which is pretty impressive.

However, it is time for more fundamental improvements with AH V2.

Here are only some of the new features:

Much easier user experience for issuing artworks, starting auctions, and placing bids for both buyers and artists. This is done by supporting the Yoroi dapp connector (currently only works with Yoroi Nighty) and ErgoWallet Android (by easy QR codes)

Many UI improvements including notifications, in the AH artwork issuance page, owned artworks section, and more.

Supporting other currencies alongside ERG. Currently, the AH supports ERG, SigUSD, SigRSV, and kushti token (in @kushti’s honor) as currencies.

Royalty feature — artists can set royalty percentages for secondary sales upon issuance.

Video NFTs.

Audio NFTs with cover.

Instant buy option.

Better design for minimum bid which allows sellers to set the minimum bid amount as high as they wish without actually placing the first bid themselves.

And many other minor improvements.

In order to end the ongoing scams once and for all, the NFT copy detector (implemented by the community member Luivatra) has been directly integrated with the AH V2. Also, to decrease the chance of junk auctions, a starting fee for auctions has been introduced which is currently set to 0.1 ERG. This starting fee is a global config stored on the blockchain and will be increased/decreased accordingly with the price of ERG. Any remaining related issues will be solved with the introduction of verified artists to the AH (soon).

V1 auctions will be available on

There are a lot more that can and should be done for the AH to be truly competitive with any other AH on other blockchains and I am aware of them. The next round of changes will focus more on fancier features that other auction houses like Opensea offer and it begins right after the release of V2.

Also, if you are an artist, you should read this

Last but not least, I’d like to thank @Zimulakra, @quokka, @Foeniculum_ERGnomes, @glasgowm, and others for helping with the testing of AH V2.

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