Abchris is the creator of those of you that have not checked this community analytics site may want to bookmark it. It sounds like some updates and additional features are on the way.

Leif Erickson is still diving into the Ergo codebase. Can’t wait to see what he puts together.

Luivatra is working on community tipbot’s, the goal is to integrate the tipbot on Discord and on Reddit. I hope that leads to more community driven content and community driven rewards. Ergo is proof of work. Personally I am happy to reward quality work when and where I see it.

Morphic is still on the march towards v5.0. JIT costing should provide some significant improvements, it appears testing is in the works. Can’t wait to see the results.

Anon_br is juggling two pretty important tasks for the Ergo Community. The first is updating and improving Yoroi wallet. He is working with Emurgo to get an updated Dapp connector into Yoroi that will allow the “standard” version to support ErgoDex. Once completed the current version of Yoroi Nightly will be obsolete.

This testing was a part of the ErgoDex Beta process. It allowed the ErgoDex team to stress test and improve the dex. It also allowed Yoroi to improve and prepare for the implementation of dapps and smart contracts. The result will be a better product on both sides.

We also are seeing continual testing with Ledger.

Kushti released a new version of the reference client again…

He is firing out updates almost weekly. I honestly don’t know how he does it. It appears 4.0.17 is already in his sights.

He is working on improving the bootstrapping process. This will allow users to run full nodes with much faster sync times.

There is an ongoing question and investigation into how to best implement a LETS at the lowest tx cost to the end users. The ability to exchange LETS tokens with minimal overhead is a key to the adoption and real world utility of this framework. It seems at this point it may come down to running it on a L2 solution, or as a sidechain. Luckily Ergo has the tooling to make either way a possibility with some work. We may end up prototyping and testing LETS contracts both ways, and see the advantages/disadvantages to both.

New DEV! Welcome Haileypdll. It looks like we may have a coinflip game in the works.

Anon2020s is working on the Profit Sharing aspect of the mixer. As soon as this is complete the dApp will have a token sale. An updated version of the mixer with additional features seems to be in the works.

Apextheory is working on Batch Merkle Proofs.

MrStahlfelge is still in the process of implementing a version of his Ergo Wallet on iOS. It looks like he is working on optimizing his workflow so that changes in the future will show up in both environments. Smart man, but we already knew that. I am sure once we get into the Ui the community would love to see some pictures on what is coming.

Scalahub is working on implementing Dexy. Those of you that may be unfamiliar, Dexy is the native Ergo stablecoin design that has been discussed periodically on the ErgoForum as well as internally. The goal is to create a simple stablecoin design that engages trades and encourages arbitrage to maintain a peg.

The Sigma-rust team is all over the place C, Swift/iOS bindings, ContentExtension support, distributed signatures support and more. Lots of improvements are on the way.

DeatIT is continuing the work of keeping the frontends in the system polished, from the website to the note interface.

MHS and team are in the process of developing the Profit Sharing contract. The first bridge to the Waves network is done, and we are waiting for testing. There is ongoing review and research into wormhole, federated, trustless, and multisig bridge designs. As the ErgoDex rolls out, the Ergo Mixer Rolls out, things are getting serious about bridging into other networks. The native Ergo ecosystem offers some unique tools for other ecosystems. It will be exciting to see the introduction of ERG as a nonnative asset across multiple Dexes on other chains.

Ilya is continuously building tooling for both implementations of ErgoDex. The software development toolkit got some improvements this week. The Cardano transaction assembly framework is being worked on lately.

Ilya also updated the ErgoExplorer.

LADO is now on twitter. @ ErgoTutorials. Please give him some love! Like Retweet Follow the works.

This week he launched our first tutorial in Brazilian Portuguese. I hear there is some additional Portuguese content that will be coming in the form of a Coinex AMA soon as well. We also have a Mining Server in Brazil that Enigma Pool is hosting.

Also please check out the latest audio/video version of the Ergo Manifesto.

Quokka is putting together a Ergosaurs website that will integrate the Auction House backend. It looks like Auctionhouse will have a dark mode as well in the future. With those little Quokka hands idk how you do it, but great job!

Anon_Real is putting a lot of love into AuctionHouse V2. No exact ETA yet but I know a lot of people are excited and waiting to see the new version.



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