The Ergo weekly Dev update is not the sexiest crypto blog. Although all things being equal its a solid choice.

Focusing on the moon is great, but the truth is a rocket takes an incredible amount of engineering.

Designing and building systems that are subject to immense pressure is not an easy task.

It is always the brains in the background that actually get things done. This what the Ergo team is about, building solid tech.

Open source software developers are unappreciated heros who endure an underappreciated grind.

We are rapidly approaching ErgoHack2! Can’t wait to see what the different teams are about to put together. Whatever the outcome I hope everyone has fun, learns, and grows a little. — Thanks for participating and being a part of the Ergo Community.

The weekly update started off which a pretty big update from Tolstojevski. He is putting together an Ergo node in C#

Something like this can bring new help Devs into the ecosystem. Amazing work Tolstojevski!!!


I don’t talk a lot, but our c# node sure does :D

Able to handshake and parse inventory&sync messages. Also able to send sync. Working on requesting block data atm :)

Also, as I’m currently chatting with nodes, if needed I could write down the specs of each peer to peer msg in markdown, just as we have for the p2p handshake on the wiki :)

Bdkent put up a new Ergo tool Users can check the health and status of dApps in the Ergo ecosystem. This is a great tool BDK! Nice work. Thanks for putting this together.


I stood up a little health dashboard (using gatus) of the status of various ergo systems at . It will ping the telegram channel if something goes down. People can add more systems to monitor with a PR at

Devs new to the ecosystem will definitely want to check out the new site LADO is putting together. Tutorials in 2 languages, what is not to love!

Stay tuned he plans to be dropping new tutorials regularly.

LADOPIXΣL is already active (although there are still many features to be added).

At the moment I have included 4 tutorials in English and Spanish.

I have separated them into 2 modalities:

- Development (1).

- General (3).

These first 4 are for beginners, I intend to separate them as follows:

- Beginner.

- Intermediate.

- Advanced.

I hope to add 1 or 2 tutorials per week.

ERGnomes has a new feature! Search through historical gnomes to reference auctions!

ERGnomes has been a trailblazer for the Ergo NFT community, respect!

EddNorris (

We just updated #ERGnomes to allow users to be able to search through our releases at

Currently it’s only the promo gnomes which are harder to track but the Series 1 data will be added very soon!

Lief Erickson is still diving into Ergo. It’s a deep dive. Can’t wait to see what his team comes up with at the Hackathon.

Leif Erickson
I’m still orienting, focused on Ergohack lately …need more hours in the day

Mr. Stahlfelge updated an Ergo Improvement Protocol for the Andriod Wallet. He is dropping a video soon demonstrating the cold wallet feature.

I don’t want to get anyone excited too early, but it looks like an iOS wallet is in the works…


My work this week:

* Completed EIP19 reference implementation in the Android wallet, is currently in review

* Recorded a video demonstrating the EIP19 cold wallet feature

* I’ve started implementation of an iOS module on the Android wallet repo, refactoring to share as much code as possible.

code_For_Uss is putting together material to help new devs that are participating in the hackathon. He is also working on improving ErgoFund.


I am preparing an example for ergoscript-by-example (How to use data inputs), it may be useful for hackathon participants.

I am also working on a solution to improve the terms of the fundraising contract at ergoFund, I hope it will be ready early next week and I will share docs with @kushti .

I imagine many in the Ergo community saw Mhs-Sam’s update across our social channels. Gravity is finished on the Ergo side! That’s a major accomplishment.

With Gravity, comes bridges. If each Gateway only takes a matter of days, I will do my best to gathering partners from other Gravity-empowered blockchains.

MHS has outdone himself this week… there is more.

Raffle’s new Ui has been delivered and is being implemented in React.

The Profit Sharing Contract is finished and will be published soon.

The Ergo Faucet is live for both mainnet and testnet tokens.

Congratulations to MHS and his team. We are blessed to have them on board with us.


Big News! Gravity is finished on Ergo side. Check the repo:

- waves bridge will be implemented soon.

- Eth bridge will be implemented in Hack II by Gravity team (AFAIK, if not, we will implement it)

- having the core, each gateway is a matter of a few days.

- I will send a merge request to Gravity team

- docs to be released soon

Raffle UI design, HTML, and css have been delivered to me. React implementation is started.

Profit Sharing contract is done, I will publish after a final test.

Ergo Faucet is live: for both mainnet and testnet tokens.

you can request for adding new assets by creating issues:

Everyone wants to know about Ledger.

Well… Here it is. Anon_br has a ledger now, he has been communicating with Emurgo to get guidelines to integrate the ledger into Yoroi. So integration is underway.

He also is in the early stages of adding the BUY ERG button in Yoroi.


My Ledger finally arrived and had a call on this topic yesterday with Ruslan from Emurgo to get the guidelines of the implementation, so now I can start working on the integration immediately. Finally!

Done this week:

- Opened a PR on Yoroi with the ‘BUY ERG’ functionality through changelly (

Apex is working on the node. He is adding a way to check the node’s network via API, and will follow up with some further changes after the frontend code is complete.

He is also working on the AVLTree in sigma-rust.


1) I made some changes to the node and node-interface so that explorer links are network specific (i.e. testnet/mainnet) PR’s are pending review/approval.

2) In sigma-rust, I am finishing up AvlTree.get() and .getMany() evals. (edited)

Greenhat, TimL, Isab and Soysor are all working on sigma-rust and AVL trees. It appears Greenhat will also be working on BIP-32 path support for ERG on Ledger.


@TimL brought in AVL trees support and implemented AvlTree.insert op #413 and most of the AVL tree properties #432.

@lSab implemented Header type and properties evaluation for both Header and PreHeader #414, #433, #435

@soysor implemented signatures for PreHeader properties #431

I finished with ErgoBox in Constants support and moved most of the chain types into ergotree-ir crate #397. I also revived and merged EIP-12 support for box value and token amount JSON encoding #346.

I’m preparing a release and will continue with BIP-32 path support for Ledger after that.

Ezio is still putting together the backend of ErgoFund.


In ErgoFund backend, I am preparing/testing the code I wrote to track campaigns and keep their status in a db. Will push it soon.

Pragmaxim is working on a solution for spammy transactions, but not for those that were spammy due to being already applied.


I’m working on

Ilya is always busy, there is some speculation in the community that he is a robot. We are seeing a lot of implementations in ErgoDex for Cardano this week as well as improvements to the software development kit. Storybook for the Ui is ready and an explorer has been implemented in Cardano for ErgoDex specific features.

Looks like we might also get a short tutorial for the hackathon.


* Re-implemented most of ErgoDEX contracts for Cardano

* Working on ErgoDEX SDK for Cardano

ErgoDEX team:

* StoryBook for stable ErgoDEX UI is ready

* Implemented Explorer for Cardano network supporting ErgoDEX specific features

Also going to make a short tutorial on ergo-sdk-js usage for the hackathon

Anon_Real is working on finalizing the Auctionhouse V2.

See for some details.

The last feature, Artist Verification, maybe the most important seeing how many NFT scams are going around across the crypto verse. I recently saw a short post about a multimillion-dollar rugpull, and the kicker is… it had royalty, so the scammer could potentially make more in the future.

Please be careful, check for copies, and visit the ErgoNFT discord. In the spirit of best practices, you may want to implement a KYA initiation… Know Your Artist.

It also looks like ErgoTeam development has resumed!


- Finalizing AH V2

- As the last feature to be added to V2, I am thinking about a solution for the artist verification — to prevent stolen arts and scams

- Doing an eip for artworks

Also, ErgoTeam development is resumed. I am helping @catalyst244 and @sepehr to get their hands dirty, do some tasks and learn at the same time.

Scalahub has finalized and tested the Oracle Pool 2.0 contract. He is still conducting R&D with porting Uniswap 3 (Concentrated Liquidity Pools)


my updates:

- Oracle pool 2.0 contracts finalized (for initial draft). Please review

- Tests for oracle pool 2.0 here:

- Research on uniswap 3.0 core to implement in ErgoDex (still WIP) (edited)

Kushti has been busy reviewing the work of other devs. He is also improving networking layers.


* finalized, please review @pragmaxim @greenhat @morphic

* new API methods peers/fullInfo and more networking layers improvs in

* still WIP

* reviewed few submissions to