Sorry for being a bit late with this edition of the Weekly update.

The Ergo weekly Dev update is not the sexiest crypto blog. Although all things being equal its a solid choice.

Focusing on the moon is great, but the truth is a rocket takes an incredible amount of engineering.

Designing and building systems that are subject to immense pressure is not an easy task.

It is always the brains in the background that actually get things done. This what the Ergo team is about, building solid tech.

Open source software developers are unappreciated heros who endure an underappreciated grind.

ErgoHack2 is Just around the corner!

Please let us know of any missing resources on the new ergohack page you’ve come across in your travels.

And contribute to the idea incubator

Make sure to check out jobs-bounties on discord and earn some ERG while you learn!

There has been a lot of community engagement with Anon_Real on discord the last few weeks. This is a great example of how the Ergo community can assist devs to iterate and improve the dApps in our ecosystem.

I wanted to give a special shout out to Anon in being open to this level of feedback. As with all things in life not everyone will get their way, however we are seeing major improvements.

AuctionHouse V2 will have some substantial upgrades vs V1. I hope this engages more artists to consider using ERG for their NFT’s.


A lot of new features added to the V2 auction house, including:

- Owned artworks section which connects to Yoroi and shows all user’s artworks

- Ability to mint artwork directly in the AH

- An approach for handling artwork collections in a decentralized way found:

- A better approach for handling artist royalties is found which allows the artist to set the percentage for each NFT individually. Will update the AH contract.

Team SigmaRust has been all over the place we have improvements to the explorer, the ergo-lib/ergotree ir, oracle-core and the ergo-node-interface.

I also wanted to give some special attention to @soysor! Thanks for your first contribution.


@TimL :

- updated JSON parsing to support v0 and v1 of Explorer API #398;

- converted STypeCompanion to enum to move more checks to compile time #404.

Welcome @soysor and congrats with the first contribution — Context.selfBoxIndex op implementation #405.

I’m in the process of moving ErgoBox from ergo-lib to ergotree-ir crate to be able to store a box in a Constant #397

Besides that, I moved ergo-node-interface repo from Emurgo into our github org and published a new version with updated dependencies. I’m planning to also move HDF and other various crates, update dependencies and fix oracle-core build.

Plus, I’m plowing forward with migrating CI to GA and release publishing in scorex and ergo-wallet.

MHS and team are in the final stages of Gravity integration. Once the Wave ports are implemented ERG is in the final stages of becoming interoperable with blockchains that support gravity.

This also opens the door to putting the Oracle Pool framework to use across the gravity network.

Ergo being the oracle for Cardano, is something that has discussed a lot by different influencers. Oracles Pool through Waves however has recieved a lot less attention.

Wen ERG tokens and Oracle Data on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain?… Soon, we are getting closer to taking ERG and its tooling multichain.

Also Raffle is the process of getting a facelift new design/new UI.

MHS is also in the process of creating a faucet to distribute tokens for testing. The Mixer is supporting kushti educational tokens for users to familiarize themselves with this dApp without the risk of losing ERG.


Gravity Gravity! Yesterday, The first Ergo-to-Ergo token transfer was done successfully using the Gravity network.

This means that all the components (oracles, IP/LP ports, extractors,…) are working together.

The code needs some improvement and cleaning; later I will update the github repo.After a few tests, we’re going to implement the waves ports.

On Raffle, the UI design is finished, I received the designs and frontend development is ongoing.

I will deliver the ‘kushti’ faucet in a few days. Where do you want to host it? which domain? I can run it on, but I will wait if any better option is available.

Anon_br is working with Emurgo to assist in the accelerating the development of the ERG side of Yoroi.

Story Time… Initially Emurgo wanted to have a trial/test phase with and a post trial interview. Very shortly into anon’s trial phase we heard, please cancel the interview, it is no longer necessary!

On the side Anon continues developing the Paper Wallet and is also assisting the Ledger testing.


On my side,

On Yoroi:

- working on EIP4 metadata handling and tracking some performance related issues.

On Paper Wallet:

- added CIP4 checksum support

- code checked and it seems to be all good. (Thank you @DeadIT!)

Ilya is working on both two chains at the moment. The Ergo side has been testing the distributed off chain bots. The Cardano side of the dex is in the process of getting a software development toolkit.

Busy guy, short update, but good things are in the works.


- Off-chain matcher updates

- Working on ErgoDEX SDK for Cardano network

DeatIT is back in action putting in work across multiple frontends. The most noticeable is Sigmaverse,

ErgoDex and Raffle have been added. There is also UI work being done across multiple dapps and websites.


- Checked paper wallet

- Updated the website menu/pages (added new locales and will be review new one soon).

- checked raffle ui/code, suggested to update the api for the home page cards.

- updated sigmaverse (added ergodex and raffle)

- started wallet page for the ergo android wallet

- ergodex issues

Kushti finalized 4.0.14, I believe the latest updates contains p2p improvements.

I know that both Kushti and Morphic will be dropping more bounties.

We have been seeing an inflow of Devs that are interested in joining/helping develop the ecosystem, bounties are a great way to learn, make some ERG/SigUSD, as well as demonstrate your abilities.


Messing with explorer, will update later

* 4.0.14 is finalized, please review @Ilya @greenhat @morphic

* reviewing sigma PR #734

* attached bounties to some issues in the node repo

* reviewed auction contracts 2.0, Scanner PR #8

* working on spec for bootstrapping with UTXO set

* published new Scorex (snapshot version), used in 4.0.14

Lactem is on the hunt for a graphics designer, please reach out via Discord if your skills fit the bill.

In ErgoHack V1 Raffle did a great job illustrating the UTxO stages of their proposal. This is something that brought the concept to a level most users could follow. I am really glad to see Ergo-Index adopting this model.

It looks Ergo Index like they are putting together something quite interesting!


From the ergo-index team:

* We’re looking for a graphics designer! We have lots of explanations that we want to illustrate, as well as website mocks for us to code — either would be very helpful!

* Onboarded a team to help with logistical/non-technical aspects

* Made JWT authentication work on the Scala backend with Redis (moving closer to using the Scala FP backend instead of Python Django)

* Started migrating to Firebase for authentication. This will render our Redis and JWT work useless, but it will help us develop faster and focus on important smart contracts instead of time-consuming identity access management

Team Tesseract dropped an update. I know many in the community have been on edge waiting for Ledger to drop. We are still in the testing phase. This is progressing.


Update from the Tesseract team:

- made proposed changes to the API: Derive Address call returns an address, not a Public Key, and Extended Public Key is compressed now.

- @Armeanio connected us with @anon_br and @MrStahlfelge.I hope, we will start real-world testing in the Wallets

UPD: Link to the documentation

Ezio has been working on ErgoFund.


Last week:

- I spent a while learning about eip18 since I’m new to the community.

- Looked into the scanner’s code and its API to use in ErgoFund. @code_For_Uss gave me an intro to what has been done in scanner.

- Looked into the ergofund branch in scanner as an example code.

- Created the DB to store campaigns’ information.

This week:

- Will create a PR pushing the DB.

- Start writing a base code for campaigns and pledges to create APIs on it.