Ergohack 2 is rapidly approaching. It has been great to see groups forming in the Ergo discord. I see a lot of interesting ideas coming together and can’t wait to see what comes from our second hackathon.

There are blockchains in the crypto space that have been throwing up HUGE rewards for hackathons. It really is awesome to see a small community like Ergo have a group of developers from all over the world join forces to tackle challenges.

Building Social Tools on the foundation of collaboration is key, and I see a lot of that within the Ergo Community.

If you are a developer and are considering joining last minute, jump in our discord, take a look at some of the projects that are forming and feel free to contribute.

First and foremost I want to welcome and introduce Leif Erickson to the Ergo community.

LADO is putting together some video in both English and Spanish. Hero of the Week Award.

Ergo could use some additional documentation both from the community to help new users and for developers to help new devs.

It wasn’t that long ago that we ran testing on the Android client MrStahlfelge has been putting together. Yet, this has come a long way. I believe this App recently passed 10K downloads from Google Play.

The latest work in progress includes a cold wallet feature. A new version is out, some of you may want to consider updating.

MHS and team have a lot in motion. The profit-sharing contracts are in progress, Raffles UI and documentation are coming together, and is progressing.

Not only are we seeing progress with the Gravity implementation but it looks like we have documentation coming as well!

Anon_Real updates the solution for royalties. I think having the ability to set their own royalty rate will be quite attractive to artists, not to mention to low mint cost. Integrating the Ergo Android wallets into the auction house will be a nice upgrade.

The ability to place bids with custom currencies is unique. I know Foeniculum first played with this concept with a few of his Ergnome auctions.

It will be interesting to see if the concept of dropping custom tokens to auction bidders/winners that are then fungible in future specialty “custom currency” auctions will catch on.

Kushti is always a busy guy, I am excited to see the improvements that come with the next node update 4.0.15. We could see some major improvements in syncing a node. Personally, I am a fan of running a full node/wallet.

Also happy to see a LETS EIP (Ergo Improvement Proposal) is in the works

I was excited to see Lado was putting together videos, it appears he is not alone. Apextheory put together a video tutorial on using the AppKit!

What can I say, I guess there are two Heros of the Week.

Anon_br is preparing to work on Ledger integration as well as improving the dApp connector in Yoroi.

One thing I always love about Scalahub’s updates is they are always short, to the point and have huge implications.

R&D in concentrated liquidity pools for ErgoDex is no small update, that would bring a massive upgrade to liquidity providers and Dex users. Oracle pool 2.0 improvements are also something to keep an eye on.

Don’t forget about Ergo-Fund, which is still progressing.

Ilya is building toolkits, debugging, and building Dex on two different blockchains and still has time to improve the Ergo Explorer. Respect.

ErgoDex has a lot of people interested. There is one question that is asked quite often.

Q: Wen ErgoDex Token?

A: Currently, there is no need for an ErgoDEX token. One may be added later as required to change an off-chain pool executor and will be distributed with a scheme that minimalizes plutocracy.

ErgoDEX will pay fees natively in the blockchain being used (ADA|ERG).
- Gazzabot

Team SigmaRust is dropping some updates. I heard that Apextheory took down a bounty this week. Greenhat is working on improving Scorex and Ergoplatform. Soysor and TimL also implementing solutions.



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