The Ergo weekly Dev update is not the sexiest crypto blog. Although all things being equal its a solid choice.

Focusing on the moon is great, but the truth is a rocket takes an incredible amount of engineering.

Designing and building systems that are subject to immense pressure is not an easy task.

It is always the brains in the background that actually get things done. This what the Ergo team is about, building solid tech.

Open source software developers are unappreciated heros who endure an under appreciated grind.

The big news of the day was the launch of ErgoDex.Beta. This is a test version to continue to improve the AMM swaps. A shout out to all the users who jumped on day 1 and helped the ErgoDex team refine the backend

Those of you that missed out and are willing to participate in testing can get caught up with the following article that Glasgow dropped this morning.

Some of you may be asking… what is a Kushti and Erdoge?

They are test/educational coins that have been minted to help users play with features and updates without any real monetary risk. Kushti started as a way for users to test the functionality of the android wallet.

Erdoge is proudly a “completely development free project” that is being used to educate new users as to assumptions and risk assessment they need to take as ErgoDex goes live. We hope it portrays certain shady aspects of the crypto space that users will come to recognize and avoid.

We are launching a community competition/giveaway in exchange for community wisdom and perspective regarding the use of dexes and assessing projects that may one day come. Decentralized exchanges have a strong future, however there are a lot of shenanigans, pump and dumps and outright scams that often launch via dexes.

We hope this will lead to creating community driven standards that users will come to expect from projects that decide to build on top of Ergo. The general concept is called KYA or know your assumptions. Essentially KYA is community pressure on developers to disclose the risks involved with their dApps.

The Ergo team hopes that with a strong community driven KYA and future rugpull prevention mechanism via ErgoDex that we grow with integrity. As many of you may have noted, in order to use Ergodex.Beta this was the first thing you saw. I personally would like to thank the Ergo.Dex team for launching with this concept.

Those of you who would like to participate in sharing your crypto knowledge in exchange for some test tokens, please see the following link.

Now onto the Weekly Development Update!

The ErgoDex lead developer deserves a bit pat on the back for the Ergodex.Beta release.

Ilya did a lot of work not only on the backend but with getting Yoroi Nightly up to speed to support what he was building. Here is the update from the ErgoDex team.


- Improving reliability of DEX bots (

- JS SDK and UI improvements


Reliable orders processing by oskin1 · Pull Request #16 · ergolabs/…

Rotation of failed orders

Dynamic invalidation of failed pool predictions

Oh, forgot to mention that I’ve also implemented mempool APIv1 in explorer. Now the submitTx method performs stateful validation.

DeadIT did a good job making sure the Beta.UI was functional, it is not the final Ui Design but you know what… It works.


- polishing and test ui interface ergodex

Kushti is reviewing the DEX and staking contracts. There are also ongoing core improvements around the node. Ergofund is something Kushti has been working on and appears to have reached a point where it is ready to pass around for developers to review and critic.


On my side:

* reviewing DEX contracts

* still reviewing staking contracts, but looks good to me for now @anon2020s @mhs_sam

* ongoing node code refactoring

* compiling 4.0.14, more PRs merged:

* ready to pass ErgoFund to other devs I guess

Mhs-sam deserves a shoutout for his assistance with the test token faucet that is being used to mint the test Ada-Erg trading pair. Information about use of this is in Glasgow’s article above. Raffle has been on the edge of deployment and appears to be launching this week. I know many users get impatient but review and improvements are worth the delay when it comes to users ERG. I am looking forward to seeing that launch.

Gravity is also in the final stages of being polished. Once a few minor issues are addressed we will see the deployment of a Susy Gateway. Taking Erg beyond its native chain will be a huge achievement. Mhs_sam and team are clearing the way for a multi-chain future with this development.


On my side:

- Gravity is almost deployed between two Ergo network instances. There are some minor issues to addressed. Then, we will deploy the Susy gateway on top of that.

- Raffle: done and finally will be deployed this week.

- Faucet: we deployed a faucet for test tokens of ErgoDex:

The code is open source as always, if you are interested.

- Staking: I was busy with raffle, so a bit of delay. However, we are discussing with @anon2020s and made good progress.

Morphic’s work on the Appkit offers long term functionality. Probably the most exciting aspect of this week’s update is the path to improved functionality on iOS devices. His review, audits and tooling for the community mobile wallets have been extremely valuable.



- @kushti there are 3 PRs waiting for your review, please check them out, I’m switching to Appkit for a while.


- Appkit is now ready for RoboVM and hence can be used on iOS (Benjamin did the necessary changes and successfully submitted transaction using PoC example)


- PR is waiting for @kushti second round review, hope this can land into v4.0.14



- lots of discussions related to Android Wallet

- reviewed 8 PR in different repos

Next up:

- work on newly requested Appkit features

Scalahub has been assisting in the review and development of multiple contracts and solutions.

This week he dropped what I find to be a HUGE tease regarding Ergo.Meta and Ergo Oracle Pools 2.0. Two things that Ergonauts are definitely going to be excited about and want to keep an eye on.


- review ErgoDex contracts

- review staking solution

- Research work ( sidechains/interoperability and Oracle pool 2.0)

LADO is doing a great job building out community websites for NFT’s Dapps, and Wallets. This is the type of community education and tooling that makes open source networks so cool. Your contribution is seen and appreciated.


Updates in and and working on the and domains, which I hope to be able to upload to the internet this coming week.

The Sigma-rust team created a short term roadmap.

There are also some improvements that were made to the sigma-rust library.


@Apextheory implemented Coll.indices and Coll.updated #364.

My progress:

- planned the roadmap for sigma-rust for the near future —

- converted TypeCode into enum to make code less “smart” and shift checks from runtime to compile-time #362;

- eval implementation for DeserializeRegister and DeserializeContext IR nodes #365;

I’d like to take a vacation from 23rd till 27th of August.


sigma-rust/ergo-lib at develop · ergoplatform/sigma-rust

Alternative and simple implementation of ErgoTree interpreter — sigma-rust/ergo-lib at develop · ergoplatform/sigma-rust

Mhs dropped a second update regarding looking into a Selfish Mining Attack.

If something doesn’t seem right the best thing to do is bring it to the forefront and investigate the truth of the situation. I appreciate that from his side. I personally don’t accept his apology because it is unnecessary to apologize. Respect.


Regarding my last week hypothesis about Selfish Mining Attack, I did not found ANY evidence to support it. So I would like to apologize if I made any FUD. Anyway, I’m still working on that and will let you know if I found anything.

Only one pool has the orphan block issue; there are other pools who encountered orphan blocks once or twice, but it is not concerning.

That pool’s issue might have some relations with Chinese firewall, yet to be known exactly.

anyway, distributing hashrate between pool is necessary.

MrStahlfelge’s work on Ergo community wallets Android/iOS has been amazing for the Ergo community. He appears to be researching signing transitions on devices without an internet connection. This is really an exciting research proposition long term and I hope he keeps us up to date with his findings.


My work the last week:

• Finished POC compiling Appkit with RoboVM to work on iOS. Sucessfully restored keys and address from a mnemonic and issued a transaction on iOS.

• Implementing token sending into Appkit

• Android app next version: Added displaying tokens

• Research regarding signing transactions on devices without internet connection

• Android app 1.1 is now on staged rollout to 30% of all users

Anon2020s has been working on refactoring the mixers code and continuing making progress and reviews on the staking contract.


I am working on staking with the help of others.

The db refactor is done and tested. Now I’m working on refactoring the mixer’s code to use the new db. It’s in the final stages.

Anon_real has been getting some pressure from the Ergo community after the launch of the community driven discord this week. He is dropping some bounties to rebuild the auction house to support the artist’s requests. I am sure there are many NFT enthusiasts who will be quite happy to hear there requests have been heard and are in the process of being addressed.

There is also some continuing development with ErgoTeam. However this appears to be second priority after the auction house updates.


Sorry for the delay.

There have been many requests from artists to change block height to the timestamp in the auction house so I am working on that. It is almost done and will be released soon.

Also, artists have 3 main requests for the auction house which require major refactoring since the code was not designed with these in mind from the start. I am preparing some issues with bounties on them to deliver what is needed — I have some guys who are willing to help too.

Also, the proposal page of the ErgoTeam is finished. Now all pages are finished and next I’ll work on the Yoroi dapp connector integration (hopefully issues are resolved) — this will be done after auction house release.

ProSavage’s work in Enigma is something I am really happy to see. Please spread the love with your hashrates and consider joining smaller pools. ProSavage received some support from a community member to cover the costs of expanding this project.

Grassroots mining is something I hope many of you miners in the community come to support. 4 Stratum servers are up covering most of the world.

We saw some improvements in multiple aspects of EnigmaPools this week, read below.



I worked on mostly doing automated payouts, which I am pretty sure work, I used cron jobs to schedule payouts and am storing how much we pay and full payout round information in database for analysis and tax information. I have not pushed these to production yet — I want to build a pie chart and visualizer of payout rounds on the website first.

I also setup a logdrain, which is important to our infrastructure as we are already using 7 different virtual machines, the log drain holds high level events of our services, like payout rounds, block confirm and if there were errors doing x task. I also set it up to send me a summary and SMS messages if there was an error doing something in production.

We also now have 4 stratum servers up, covering most of the world, I think we want to do another one in India, and we will be golden.

We can afford all these nodes thanks to the funding we received.

The news from Tesseract is that things are still in progress. There is a hope to have a working version next week.


News from Tesseract: still working on the Tx parser. I think will have working version next week