What’s Going On Behind the Screens: Ergo Weekly Dev Update August 4th

It was a big week for Ergo on the market side. Bitcoin.com went live, KuCoin trading will go live tomorrow at 10AM UTC. A special thanks is in order to Kushti, Ilya, Dmytri and Angie for their assistance in setting up the technical and marketing side of these partnerships.

Community members HamdERGler and Cradano are set up as mods for ERGO NFT on discord. It is a one stop channel promoting NFT’s on Ergo Platform. I think this is an awesome way to see collaboration between artists and set a foundation to grow the NFT market on Ergo. If you are an artist or a collector take a look, you won’t regret it.

On a side note, one of these days I hope to see more audio NFT’s. I think that has a large potential to support established and grassroots musicians. Those of you within the community please consider reaching out and being a part of that development.


Ollie dropped a new ErgoCast Episode in the last week centered around NFT’s check it out in the link below.


Speaking of NFT’s on Ergo, Landopixel has been doing some great work on implementing metadata, as well as putting together a website to increase the tooling, and viewability of NFT’s on Ergo.

Yehor and the tesseract team are in the process of integrating Ergo onto Ledger. No video update this week.

Morphic is always improving the Ergo stack on multiple fronts. This week he worked on improving the sigmastate-interpreter, the Appkit, as well as the node. On the side this week he did some work related to the Ergo Android Wallet and ErgoDex contracts.

Pragmaxim is working on improving the node.

Scalahub is back in action, the primary focus on his side has been the ErgoDex and the Ergomixer staking solution.

Mr. Stahlfelge is continually working to improve the user experience of the Android Wallet. The new improvement with Anon_real’s support for QR code is a welcome edition.

Anon_Real has been a busy character. Anon’s assistance has been invaluable across multiple fronts. The staking solution is making the rounds, all the dev’s input and review is extremely valuable. ErgoFunds continues to be refined and reviewed as well. ErgoUtils saw some improved functionality for minting NFT’s.

ErgoTeam will get some sneak peek images live soon on Github, definitely looking forward to seeing that.

Maritsaarts requested some light on-chain artwork. That is pretty neat. It reminds me of the old school ASCII artwork we used to see before all the fancy emoji’s and gifs hit the internet.

Greenhat has been doing great work helping to improve Yoroi. As well as improving the sigma-rust.

Kushti has been a busy character this week helping to assist in a smooth rollout, especially with the bitcoin.com delay. That is live and going well so far. He is refining the ErgoFund contract, as well as reviewing potential updates. He also dropped the plan for the next iteration of the node.

Illya has been spending a lot of time on the backend of Yoroi lately. This is a critically important aspect for the user experience for ErgoDex beta.

He is also improving the proxy contracts and the backend of the Dex.

DeatIT is back in action this week. Working with UI’s for the Dex, the website as well as assisting in the integration process with the exchanges that went live this week.

Mhs_sam and crew are progressing on multiple fronts. The staking contract for the mixer is under review here as well. Gravity is still being tested and bugs are being discovered and fixed. Raffle is a little delayed but that is the software game. It is better to test, test, test and produce a quality product than release something that has vulnerabilities. I hope everyone is excited. Mhs is also investigating some potential shenanigans with pools. I will continue to try to add pools and shake Nano’s dominance to help on my side.

WilfordGrimley of smartpools is still formulating potential ideas on how to improve and secure the Ergo network with mining via nonoutsourceability.

ProSavage released Engimapool EU this week. This mining pool is a little bit different/special vs other solutions available for miners. It is a community driven project with the long term goal of releasing documentation and tutorials allowing miners to create and promote their own mining pools.

I hope that in time this project or concept grows and additional support is offered to encourage Ergonauts to not only participate in mining, but potentially supporting infrastructure as well. I managed to get community funding for this pool to help offset the initial startup costs until the block production is enough to be self-sufficient.



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