The Ergo weekly Dev update is not the sexiest crypto blog. Although all things being equal its a solid choice.

Focusing on the moon is great, but the truth is a rocket takes an incredible amount of engineering.

Designing and building systems that are subject to immense pressure is not an easy task.

It is always the brains in the background that actually get things done. This what the Ergo team is about, building solid tech.

Open source software developers are unappreciated heros who endure an underappreciated grind.

It was really amazing seeing so many community Dev’s come together for the 2nd Hackathon.

The Judges will be reviewing and voting on the different projects, please give them a little bit of time to dive into all the submissions.

Please Stay Tuned for the Hackathon 2 Results!

Pragmaxim is bounty hunting this week. Issue #1465, Rework DeliveryTracker internal structures with expiring Bloom filters. Looks like he is headhunting the 1,000 SigUSD bounty Kushti dropped on this. Scorex dropping merged into 4.0.15 so there will be some of P2P bounties popping up. Happy hunting Pragmaxim.


I’m working on this one

Apextheory is working on the on the node-interface project. Everyone running a full node will see some improvement as his work progresses. He is also working on Scorex and Sigma Rust.


This week I finished:

Sigma Rust — AVL Tree get & getMany

I have some PR’s open:

Node — Network-specific explorer links:,

Node — GitHub Action for docker build & push:

I am working on:

Scorex — BatchMerkleProofs

Sigma Rust — AVL TreeLookup IR node

Ergnomes are putting together a special drop for Halloween.

EddNorris (

#ERGnomes is planning a holiday event for halloween…

I was waiting for @Foeniculum ERGnomes and he’s just posted the first Teaser!

Morphic has been on half vacation. He is helping us get the Ergo Foundation together, as has also been looking at some PR’s for the Ergo Android Wallet. Once he is back in front of the screen, he will be back on the march towards v5.0.


Did some PR reviews and EF stuff, other than that no dev contributions still. Hope to get back to development next week starting from v5.0 PRs.

Greenhat and crew have been busy working on AVLtree improvements. Greenhat published a new release for Sigma-Rust and is working on BIP-32/44 support for Ledger. For anyone interested…

BIP32 is the general format for HD wallets. BIP44 is a specific implementation of a BIP32 that defines the coin type and support for multiple accounts on top of having receiving addresses and change addresses in their own tree.


@venoox Implemented AvlTree.remove #436 and AvlTree.update #443.

@Apextheory Implemented AvlTree.get and getMany #445.

@soysor Implemented AvlTree.contains #437.

I published release, implemented full ReducedTransaction support from EIP-19 #442 and now I’m working on BIP-32/44 support for Ledger #448.

LADO is working on three different community websites at the same time. is very useful for people that are purchasing NFT’s. This allows a user to research the date of birth, age, and metadata of tokens. Please use this before you purchase an NFT we have been seeing a lot of fakes lately. displays network and price information, it also can be used to see what is inside your wallet.

ErgoTutorials is a one of THE MOST IMPORTANT wesbites for new users. Please check out this website if you are new to Ergo. Many of the basic aspects of the Ergo ecosystem are covered in one place.


- New way of displaying tokens in card mode.

- The current wallet, date of birth and age of the token have been added to the token information.


- New listing of the inside of your wallet including tokens and nfts.

- Possibility to access the content of a wallet via URL.


- Added 3 new tutorials EN ES

(Create token with ErgoUtils, Send token with Airdrop, Redeem SigmaUSD)

Anon_Br is working on Ledger. There is a saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. I still do not know how many words a video is worth. Please check out the video in the Ergo Discord.


Working on ledgerjs-hw-app-ergo, an Ergo binding library for the Ledger API that will interact with Yoroi.

Kushti has been sick this last week. He is doing well, on the other side of it, so not to worry.

Even when he isn’t feeling that great, he still is reviewing pull requests and merging updates.


On my side (most of time still lost due to covid):

* — done — and merged,

* — last polishing round left, and then will be merged into 4.0.15

* the same for and

* reviewing PRs for more, such as #734 for sigma

code_For_Uss has been putting together a lot in Ergoscript. It looks like he is putting some things together in the playground for ErgoFund.


I had Token sales service example for ergoscript-by-example (Thanks for the reward for this ex).

also, I had a PR on ergo-playgrounds repo for a hackathon participant.

Now I’m preparing my suggestions on ErgoFund contracts with help of ergo-playground.

Ilya has been working on the Cardano software development toolkit for the Cardano implementation of the ErgoDex. It looks like a stable version of the swap contracts have been successfully ported.

Maybe the biggest news is the ErgoDex UI is coming soon.


- Working on ErgoDEX Haskell SDK for Cardano network (

- Finished stable version of ErgoDEX contracts for Cardano (

- Minor updates and fixes of Beta ErgoDEX UI

- Stable ErgoDEX UI is on the way. All building blocks of the UI are done.

MHS_Sam will be publishing information to Github about a ErgoProfitSharingDapp tomorrow. It looks like this will be open for a community review, please feel free to take a look.

Raffle UI is still in development. It looks like MHS sent it back to the team who put it together and expects a new version in 2 weeks, so stay tuned for that.

MHS and team also has a waves gateway underdevelopment.


Profit Sharing dapp is ready and will be published by tomorrow. I will put this here:

Would you please take a look and review the dapp and contracts when available? @kushti @anon_real

I would like to appreciate the help of @anon2020s on this.

On raffle UI, the react development had been finished (it was outsourced). BUT, I was not satisfied with the result and they will start from scratch again. My new estimation is about two weeks.

On gravity, there was an issue with pulseIDs which is fixed now. Waves gateway is under development.

My team is working on a new development stack for ergo. The progress is good. I will provide more info later.

Scalahub is working improving the update process to move oracle pool v1 to v2. He is also researching into Dexy which is a stablecoin design that Kushti put together.


My updates:

1. Oracle pool 2.0: Enhancement of update process by making older oracle boxes reusable after update

2. Research on Dexy — USD stablecoin proposal by Kushti ( as possible alternative to sigma USD

DeadIT has been working on improving the Ergoplatform website and the explorer.


Sorry for the delay.

I am focused on the website this weeks and explorer.


- Added two or three languages.

- Released

- updated global styles on the website, fix html.

- updated packages.


- fixed docker logs on the explorer nodes. Shouldn’t be downtime anymore.

- started to migrate api from v0 to v1. (edited)

Luivatra has been playing with a new oracle pool ETH/USD. As we build a bridge to Ethereum what Luivatra is putting together is a great way to get the ball rolling.


Wanted to try the oracle process so made an eth/usd oracle to welcome the eth bridge. If there is interest will add it to explorer once we have a stable endpoint. Made an ergoscript example and started looking at making an nft database with perceptual hashes so copies can be caught.

Anon_Real is putting together an artist registration verification scheme for the AH.

Please be careful buying NFT’s. KYA Know Your Artist.


Sorry for being late. On my side, I’ve been working on finalizing the artist registration/verification scheme for the auction house. Will include the standard in the new artwork eip.