ErgoHack 2 is coming!

Morphic put together a Job Description for a Backend Scala Engineer. This position is open and will be funded by the Ergo Foundation.

Morphic put out the usual improvements to Sigmastate-interpreter, he also did some work on the node. We are still on the grind towards node V5.0.

The mixer is getting a support for Kushti tokens. These educational tokens are meant to encourage users to engage in new aspects of the ecosystem without having large risks of losses due to errors. We saw Kushti’s deployed initially to test wallets.

There are three things that the community can do here that would be nice to see.

The first is to play with the mixer and make some tutorials. User driven tutorials are often useful as areas that are often overlooked or taken for granted are often taken into account. Many new users may need help.
The second is to give feedback, which can be helpful for developers to lay out plans to improve the features or functionality of dApps.

The third is to pay it forward with the educational tokens. Please pass them on to new users who would like to play with wallets or dApps like ErgoDex and the Mixer rather than hodl them.

Anon2020s is writing some documentation for developers, I hope that these come put before ErgoHack as seeing some dApps built on top of the mixer would be an exciting development. As the mixer prepares for staking we will see greater features and functionality.

W∑S dropped a new NFT Project please check them out!

Kushti is working on the node, as well as reviewing the Ergo Improvement Proposals for Oracle Pools 2.0 and the updated Auction contract.

WilfordGrimley dropped some news for the Hackathon. I am excited to see what their team puts together. Smartpools has been an interesting research project to follow.

LADO is still driving development in the ErgoNFT Space. Those of you who are relatively new to Ergo, please check out

He has been assisting HenryNFT’s dispenser. If you would like to follow the latest on the ErgoNFT side please hop onto the Discord.

If you are a new artist please talk to the Admins about creating your own channel.

We have had a lot cloned/stolen NFT’s on the AuctionHouse. Sad to see that, but anyway Discord is a great way to do due diligence as well as follow new projects.

MrStahlfelge rolled out Andriod 1.3 beta on Github! Please play with this wallet. Drop your feedback or suggestions.

Anon_BR is going to be working with Emurgo to improve the Ergo Side of Yoroi. Anon is diving into the Yoroi codebase.

He is also still playing with the paper wallet. Happy to have you onboard.

Greenhat is assisting in alpha testing ledger and creating some improvements as things break.

Pragmaxim is working on the node, as well as changing the 4KB limit that caused some issues with the initial Ergnome drop.

Gazza is the new ErgoDex Community Manager. They are currently doing some private testing for off-chain AMM bots. I know there are many community members who are interested in hosting an AMM bot. Please follow the ErgoDex Telegram for updates. I believe after private testing/review we will open this up to wider testing. I hope to hear an update next week how things went on a Raspberri Pi.

Scalahub has been working on Oracle Pool 2.0 as well as Concentrated Liquidity Dex Contracts.

Oracle pool 1.0 has the following drawbacks:

-Rewards generate a lot of dust

-Current rewards are too low (related to 1)

-There are two types of pool boxes. This makes dApps and update mechanism more complex

-Oracle tokens are non-transferable, and so oracles are locked permanently. The same goes with ballot tokens.

Oracle pool 2.0 aims to address the above.

In 1.0, the pool was responsible for rewarding each oracle for posting a data-point. In 2.0, the pool simply certifies that a data-point was posted, and a separate reward mechanism is proposed. This keeps the contract smaller and more flexible.

The certificates are in the form of tokens emitted by the pool box. Once there are sufficient number of such tokens, a oracle can exchange or burn them in return for a reward. We also give a sample token exchange contract.

Ilya is working on the ErgoDex UI, off chain bot services as well as researching solutions to potential address MEV (Miner Extractable Value) issues.

MHS is still working on the Raffle UI in the background. He also posted an update regarding Gravity. It looks like the first ERG to move into another blockchain is on the horizon.

He is also assisting with documentation and tutorials for the Hackathon.

Anon_Real is making progress on AuctionHouse V2. We are going to see more visual support, and Yoroi integration. There has been a lot of activity on the AuctionHouse discord channel lately, regarding future updates, potential features etc. Please hop into that channel for a more complete picture of what is coming together.

DeadIT has been improving frontends across the ecosystem. We are seeing a revamp of Sigmaverse, additional pages on, as well as some improvements to the ErgoPlatform website.

Glasgow always does an amazing job at community management, and information organization. He has been compiling information for ErgoHack 2.0

Yehor is continuing alpha testing and updates for Ledger.

Lactem with the Ergo Index teased us with the latest plans, I am excited to see what they are putting together.



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