ErgoHack II

All developers are welcome to join!

Morphic is steady on his grind preparing the Appkit and the Sigmastate-interpreter towards Node v5. He also reviewed some repos for the Andriod Wallet and some Ergo Improvement Proposals

LADO made a few improvements to He also is modifying the list of tokens within to play around with viewing transaction history.

Greenhat, Apexthory are working on sigma-rust. It appears we have a new developer that is working on sigma-rust. Welcome TimL! Glad to have you helping us build. Greenhat has been assisting with the Ledger integration, more on that from Yehor further on.

Pragmaxim spent the week on hold waiting for the 4.0.14 release. It seems he is playing with the tx assembler before jumping in. More on that next week.

Anon_br is working to add IPFS support to into Ergo Utils and the Ergo Auction House. Those of you minting NFT’s may want to thank him for this contribution. He is also working continuing the development with the paper wallet he has been teasing us with.

MrStahlfelge continues working his magic on the Android Wallet. I am sure people reading these updates love the photos/screenshots/videos that have been dropping on the weekly update. It certainly makes this article a bit more interesting.

Anon_real reported that the renovation of the Auction House is going well. There have been some changes to the Auction contract after testing this will be submitted to review.

Lactem from ErgoHack 1 Team Index Fund dropped an update. It looks like he is on the grind to implement a solution. Happy to hear he is staying busy and exploring building on ERG.

Code_For_Uss worked on the node scanner as well as reviewed ErgoFund

Ezio has been working on the ErgoFund backend.

It looks like Quokka has migrated from working on the UI UX on the Auction House to assisting with with the UI UX Raffle. Busy animal this one.

MHS reported that Raffle had a few bugs that were fixed before any issue was created. Raffle so far has been used to fund some good causes. I am pretty proud of how the community has come together.

MHS and team area also in the final testing stages of Susy and the extractor.

W∑S discovered an issue in the node’s wallet assembler.

Scalahub has been in his secret lab reviewing and testing all kind of neat things lately. We have heard about Ergo.meta, Oracle Pools 2.0, and further ErgoDex research.

Kushti is getting started on the LETS!!! He is also working on node development, laying the foundation for the next phase of development.

Anon2020s has been working on the preparing the mixer to be more flexible in regards to building on up of it. It looks like we will see a roadmap and website by the end of September. After that update we will get the first round of funding/tokenization started.

Ilya has been busy working on the ErgoDEX. A lot is going on, I think this will be best covered by the ErgoDEX team as it rolls out.

Yehor has started the initial alpha testing with Greenhat. Test, test ,test. Thanks for the update.



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