The Ergo weekly Dev update is not the sexiest crypto blog. Although all things being equal its a solid choice.

Focusing on the moon is great, but the truth is a rocket takes an incredible amount of engineering.

Designing and building systems that are subject to immense pressure is not an easy task.

It is always the brains in the background that actually get things done. This what the Ergo team is about, building solid tech.

Open source software developers are unappreciated heros who endure an underappreciated grind.

ErgoHack II website is up

Please consider participating.

One of the largest development is that the winning concept from the first ErgoHack, Raffle, went live in a beta version this week.

Developers, you can use raffles for fundraising now!

Our first development focused Raffle is LIVE.

Now to the Weekly Dev Update

Morphic spend a lot of time reviewing, discussing, planning future steps this week. I know he is laying out the gameplan for node V5.0 as well as doing a lot of community auditing, and developer education.


- Not much development this time.

- Many PR reviews and discussions for Ergo, Android Wallet, EF and in chats etc.

- created new EIP-0020: Ergo Pay (

All dApp developers please review and give feedback.

- reviewed PR in different repos

Next up:

- create Job Descriptions for open positions funded by EF

- work on next incremental PR towards v5.0

Kushti is compiling a node Update. It looks like 4.0.14 is on the way. He is still working on a new sync protocol to optimize the time it takes to spin up a node.


* Still compiling 4.0.14 , it is going to be pretty big release (by number of LoCs affected):

* Got a db from a node being stuck for @anon_real , investigating

* Still working on comments, spec and test for the new sync protocol

MHS_Sam put Raffle.Beta online this week. There needs to be some additional testing and documentation put together but Raffle in combination with the upcoming dApps ErgoFund and ErgoTeam start a major shift in giving power and tooling to the community. This is exciting to watch. We also had our first successfully funded Raffle on Day 1.

It’s a pretty cool story, check it out.


We deployed the beta ErgoRaffle.

we are looking deeply in the logs, database, mempool, txs,… to find out any issues, bugs, possible improvements.

till now we have found out two miner bugs which have simple solutions.

after a few days, all these findings will be put together and the ErgoRaffle will be officially launched.

Codes in the github repo is not up to date. will be tonight.

Docs in repo, needs more time and I’m working on it.

on other stuff, not much progress this week.

Greenhat is working on Ledger App Protocol Support in sigma-rust, this is useful for wallet devs moving forward.



- @Apextheory did some refactoring for BinOp IR node #380

- I migrated scorex-util and scrypto repos CI to GA.


- Ergo Ledger App Protocol support in sigma-rust to make wallet devs life easier. This is my main focus now;

- Add (Coll[Byte], Coll[Byte]) and (Long, Long) support for Constant conversion in JS #382;

- Travis to GA migration for the rest of our repos;

- resume work on AtLeast support in sigma protocol.

Scalahub has been working on the Oracle Pool 2.0 Ergo Improvement Proposal.

Please review the git below.


I’ve been mostly working on oracle pool 2.0 EIP. Please review (right now only pool and participant contracts; the update and ballot contracts are WIP)

Yehor is working on the UI for Ledger.


Updates from the Tesseract team:

- pushed new UI (tested on Nano S only). In the main branch in the repo. Dynamic UI, which will show tokens in TX and also will use less RAM for other screens.

- started the process with @greenhat for extensions to sigma-rust. We will use them in integration tests in NodeJS.

Rbrt was back this week with some screenshots of the new explorer UI he is working on. It’s looking good. Thanks for the support Rbrt.

I’ve not made as much progress as I would have liked this week due to birthday celebrations, however I have a few screenshots to share!

There’s still an absolute mountain of work still to do, but I’m hoping to at least have something people can start playing around with next week.

Hope you all don’t hate it!

LADO is putting in some work integrating ERG as payment into a new website selling ERG merchandise.

Check it out.


- Working on implementing the payment buttons in $ERG to the website intended for the sale of textile vinyl’s related to Ergo and its community. The website is owned by an Ergonaut girl (ERGkleure on Twitter). Connection of ergonauts Spain — Argentina.

- improvements.

Stahfelge’s Andriod Wallet V 1.2 rolled out today. So far, I think we have seen something like 5,000+ downloads, which is amazing. At some point soon the Android Wallet will get pulled into the Awesome-Ergo Github.

When that happens, we can crown it the official community wallet for Android.

It has been really awesome to watch the community get onboard with testing and feedback.

MrStahledge is made an EIP (Ergo Improvement Proposal) to create a mechanism to verify the tokens on Ergo. As we move expand beyond ErgoDex.beta this could be a quite useful way to protect users.

We also had some NFT’s from other blockchains ripped off and posted in the Ergo Auction house unfortunately. Please do not buy them. Pretty low effort grift in my opinion.


Just in case you didn’t already: If you integrate qr code and link to ergo explorer payment request, Android wallet can intercept the link and issue the payment directly.

My work this week:

On Android:

* Implementing wallet details screen

* Implementing derived addresses support

* Version 1.2 with token support is in staged rollout and will roll out to all users later this day

Additionally, I proposed EIP-21 Genuine tokens verification

Bauhaus911 is working out some bugs on the iOS wallet.


Working on a couple of bugs on the iOS app. Invoking a funds transfer when you have only have ONE account causes the app to crash!

Anon_Real is working on an Auction house update. I am a huge fan of the concept of a Royalty contract of NFT’s. I hope this is a way to attract more artists and grow our little grassroots community. I see more and more artists hopping onboard.

One of these days I hope to see the audio side of the Auction House take off.

A Buy It Now button is going to be an additional feature that is added. Nice to see this development coming together.

One thing about this revamp that the community needs to be aware of is there is potential to in essence fork the Auction House. The new contract will make it a lot more friendly for this type of update in the future. A lot of users hopped on and have been pushing for updates in order to support the community requests a lot of redesign needed to occur.

We may want to try to get a “fork date” to make the transition a little more user friendly, for artists. I am sure the new UI can link to the Old UI.


On my side, I’ve been mostly working on the auction contract and its integration.

- Added “Buy it now” feature to the contract

- Addressed all comments provided by @kushti and @scalahub

- Moved all constants to the auction config box

@kushti @scalahub and others please make another pass on the EIP:

As I’m going through the auction code to refactor it and integrate the new contract, it’s become more obvious that supporting only the new contract will make things a lot easier.

The code will be much cleaner and change-friendly for future upgrades if I only support the new contract. What do you think @kushti?

​​Anon_Real also dropped a bounty. If you are up to the challenge there is an open reward available.

@Community Developer and others, there is a 150 ERG bounty on this issue:

The issue is to add IPFS or a similar decentralized approach for artworks instead of imgbb

Anon BR is waiting for more feedback/auditing of the paper wallet he created. He is also updating SigUSD’s translation. He is also playing around with the idea of porting parts of the Ergo Appkit to C#.

I want to give Anon BR a shout-out for the translation work. One of the most useful things community members can do for Ergo is to help with translations. When the devs educate the community, and the community starts educating each other internally that is really a special kind of magic.


On my side:

* Got some positive feedbacks on paper wallet, but I think this still need an audit from some experienced dev.

* Updated sigusd’s Portuguese translation.

Considering to start playing around AppKit and C# and try to port at least some parts if it. Maybe an ErgoSharp come out

Code_For_Uss and Ezio are tag teaming the backend of Ergofund’s development.


I talked to @Ezio about ErgoFund and for my part (Scanner) I am preparing APIs, to connect to ErgoFund or other services. I’m checking the conditions for adding an API to add scan-related configurations to the database (I am not sure).


I chatted with @code_For_Uss about Ergofund backend and I’m going to work on it. The backend is going to be built on Scanner on which @code_For_Uss is working. In my chat with @code_For_Uss , I suggested to use Rust mostly for the backend.

DeadIT is working his magic on multiple frontends. The ErgoPlatform website will soon have a recruitment page as we try to add to the core team of developers. We will also open a position for a Director of Education of developers. We may also include some community member bounties for educational content.

The ErgoDex Ui is still in development, as well as updates to SigUSD’s website, as well as Sigmaverse.


- I will add Recruitment page soon on the website/code is done.

- Fixed refunds/minor updates to the ergodex ui/review prs

- develop new menu on the sigmausd

- will update sigmaverse at this week.

Ilya has been busy working on the Ergo.Dex. This week we saw real assets roll out on the beta version. Manage your risks, trade small and learn how an AMM Dex operates, we are still in beta. If you are new we do still have the faucet open for test pairs


First iteration of native AMM DEX for Ergo is finalized.

Check it out at

Note, the the UI is still in beta.

Currently there’re two pools with real assets available: ERG/SigUSD and ERG/SigRSV.

The “Create Liquidity (Pool)” feature will be available later once we fix Yoroi.