Ergohack 2 is rapidly approaching. It has been great to see groups forming in the Ergo discord. I see a lot of interesting ideas coming together and can’t wait to see what comes from our second hackathon.

There are blockchains in the crypto space that have been throwing up HUGE rewards for hackathons. It really is awesome to see a small community like Ergo have a group of developers from all over the world join forces to tackle challenges.

Building Social Tools on the foundation of collaboration is key, and I see a lot of that within the Ergo Community.

If you are a developer and are considering joining last minute, jump in our discord, take a look at some of the projects that are forming and feel free to contribute.

  • writing the docs for Gravity project
  • working on LETS EIP
  • review and fix some unit tests
  • Research of stable pools




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